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Ride Vibes

Spread Positivity on the Trails

The IMBA Ride Vibes are an educational, pro-bike advocacy tool to promote respect, inclusivity, safety and enjoyment on the trails. Ride Vibes can cultivate a positive community for all people and all levels of experience within mountain biking, and across trail user groups. Here’s to good trail vibes for all.

Before you go...

Have a kind state of mind
Have a kind state of mind.

Being kind benefits all situations: sharing the trail, caring for the environment, and acting as good overall ambassadors for the sport. Let’s set good examples, welcome everyone, and be nice.

IMBA Ride Vibes: Ride Open Trails
Know (and ride) open trails.

Not all trails are open to mountain bikes. Not all trails open to mountain bikes are open to eMTBs. Some trails close seasonally to protect wildlife, or temporarily close for damage or repair. Some trails only open for bikes on certain days of the week. Some trails are one-way travel only. There’s a lot to know! Know before you go.

Be Prepared
Be prepared.

Be self-sufficient and safe on the trail. Have the tools and know-how to fix a flat and make minor repairs, carry enough water and snacks, and know where you’re going. Carry a map or have a mapping app on your fully charged phone. Don’t get lost!

On the trail...

Ride Vibes Trail Courtesy Sign
Be aware and share the trail.

In many places, hikers, trail runners, equestrians, and/or motorized users all share our right to enjoy the trails. The classic IMBA triangle trail sign shows that mountain bikers yield to both horses and foot traffic. When in doubt, yield with a hello and a smile!

Stay in control
Stay in control.

For our own safety and the safety of others, it’s critical we stay in control of our bikes at all times. We should be aware of blind corners— assume a child or a horse is just around the bend. Let's all ride with caution and care.

Respect the land ride vibe
Respect the land.

Let’s preserve the land and the efforts of trail builders by staying off muddy trails and always practicing Leave No Trace principles. When letting others pass, stop riding and carefully step off the trail to protect the environment and to keep singletrack single.

Keep tech in check
Keep tech in check.

Wearing earbuds limits our awareness on the trail, getting caught up in virtual racing can be dangerous, and all of us on mountain bikes and eMTBs should heed speed and safety guidelines.

Mind all animals.

Give animals plenty of space, including wildlife, livestock, equestrians, and fellow trail users’ fidos. When we take our dogs to the trails, we must follow leash laws, leave no trace, and train our dogs to be as respectful of other trail users – human and non – as we are.

Oh, and also…

Get involved - join your local chapter
Get involved!

Joining an IMBA Local Partner or other local trail group keeps you in the know, helps you become a steward of the trails you ride and the sport you love, and connects you to the community. Find IMBA Local Partners here or search for other trails groups near you.

Beyond two wheels

Access to trails is a privilege we acknowledge. We can safeguard this privilege through our actions for the land and our actions toward one another.


Support Mountain Biking

Our vision is that everyone has a place to ride a mountain bike. You can help make that happen!
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