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IMBA Local | Leadership Guide

IMBA Local | Leadership Guide

A group of mountain bikers doing trail work on a singletrack mountain bike trail in a forest with large, thin trees.

IMBA Local provides a clearinghouse of resources that ensure that you are a valued constituent in the world of outdoor recreation and a critical component of trail development in your community. The tools within this guide have been created to help you build and maintain a thriving organization. Your success is dependent upon a stable foundation of consistent attention to core competencies and your aptitude for building necessary and lasting relationships within your community. This guide will help guide you through the processes that are proven to support trail champions’ goals and objectives complete with IMBA-sourced and externally-sourced resources, and an assessment tool to help guide your progress.


Download the Local Leadership Guide to learn about: 

  • Essential Elements to supporting a successful non-profit organization
  • Best Practices to employ to achieve goals, reduce risk, and promote innovation