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From IMBA's biennial World Summit gatherings to our annual presence in Washington, D.C. for the National Bike Summit, IMBA is recognized as a leading organizer of mountain bike educational events. We host major initiatives, such as Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day, and the Subaru IMBA Trail Care Crew and help facilitate a wide range of events for our chapters, clubs and parther organizations.

IMBA Event Partners also help bring the IMBA mission to dozens of races and festivals each year. IMBA can help promote your race or event at the local, regional or national levels. Our network of individual members and affiliated chapters will be excited to see that your event supports sustainable trails and mountain biking advocacy. Sign up as an IMBA supporting organization now and receive all of IMBA's marketing benefits to make your next event a success. You can read how many leading events are supporting IMBA trail advocacy here.