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Trail Assessment

What is assessment?

Trail assessments evaluate an area of interest in regard to physical landscape characteristics, land ownership, community connectivity, and what is present in regard to recreation, facilities, and/or resources. Assessments focus on current status and existing conditions that will inform trail planning and development. Assessments include multiple processes that might survey trail-by-trail, foot-by-foot, or build a broader feasibility study.

Better trails in Berks

Neversink Mountain rises above the eastern edge of Reading, Pennsylvania’s Berks County, as part of a 1,000-acre preserve rich in history and recreation. The preserve’s natural surface trails for hikers and mountain bikers became a complex mix of unsustainable trails developed over time without cohesive planning. An IMBA assessment of the system included collecting public feedback about current use, vision, and goals for Neversink; field work to survey existing conditions, and an action plan and proposed trails plan to implement sustainable solutions. Solutions included trail reroutes, extensive maintenance, and hike-only and bike-optimized trails to alleviate trail congestion.

IMBA trail solution planners completing a trail assessment

Learning the foundation

Understanding what you have can show the way forward. An assessment can help you better manage your trails, clarify your vision, and illuminate opportunities prior to engaging in a trail planning process.

Trail Assessment Resources

Trail Assessment Programs & Workshops