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Trail Construction

What is trail construction?

Following a trails plan and design, construction is the act of implementing that plan: creating a trail, bike park, skills loop, or other associated infrastructure. Trail construction uses a variety of techniques, tools, and expertise to create the best possible user experience. In order to ensure a great trail experience, sustainability, and long-term success, there are many construction factors to consider thoughtfully. These include the construction approach–commercial, volunteer, agency, or hybrid–finding a qualified construction contractor, approaching construction in phases, and construction management.

Big Ash Build

Beginning in summer 2019, the IMBA team has returned annually to Snowshoe, West Virginia, to build creative and challenging segments for the international audience of the UCI World Cup course at Snowshoe Mountain. When the 2022 race wrapped, the crew was sought out for a new challenge: to rebuild and resurface Big Ash, a double black diamond jump line. This redux flows through seven features that keep riders guessing until the last bermed turn. Big Ash is an alternative line off the intermediate trail Ball-N-Jack, and provides an opportunity for air and challenge for riders that are ready.

Creating More Trails

Construction may feel like the beginning, but it takes a commitment to engagement, planning, and fundraising to get to this stage. Finally, dirt is moving and your trail vision starts to become a reality.

Trail Construction Resources

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