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Different Ways to Donate to IMBA

Make a Gift to IMBA

Your donations to IMBA's annual fundraising drives help build great mountain biking experiences and support lasting results for recreation and conservation. Donations also fuel key programs that advocate for mountain bikes on public land, educate land mangers and provide assistance to 180+ local chapters. If your life has been touched by mountain biking, please give generously. Thank you!

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Donate to our funds here and receive a thank you gift from IMBA.

Options to Support IMBA's Work

There are many other ways to support IMBA and its important efforts that create more resources for mountain biking through community volunteerism, advocacy, education, land stewardship, youth programs, and trailbuilding.

The most popular way to support IMBA's work is annual IMBA membership which includes specific membership benefits. IRS regulations stipulate that a membership's deductible total be reduced by the retail value of any gifts received with membership. The elite Singletrack Society honors individuals donating more than $1000 per year.

Businesses of all kinds support IMBA via Corporate Membership and many engage in cause related marketing programs above and beyond their annual dues.

Some donors and members also prefer to make charitable donations to IMBA's Trail Fund or Annual Fund, which do not include membership benefits and provide a 100% charitable tax-deductible contribution.

Free Ways to Help IMBA Raise Funds

Right Click: Save Picture AsTurn your everyday shopping into trails! Every time you shop at any of the 1,600+ online stores in the iGive network, including REI, Amazon and many more, a portion of the money you spend benefits IMBA. It's a free service, and you'll never pay more when you reach a store through iGive. You can also take advantage of iGive's coupons, free shipping deals, and sales. To get started, just create a free iGive account. 


Tax Advantatged Giving Strategies

See below for more information on federal tax incentives specifically intended to encourage charitable contributions. Such incentives often enable a donor or member to make a larger gift to IMBA at little or no additional cost:

  • Gifts of Cash
  • Combined Federal Campaign (IMBA's CFC number is 11199)
  • Employee Giving
  • Gifts of Securities
  • Gifts of Other Assets
  • Donate a vehicle
  • Bequests
  • Life Income Gifts
  • Pooled Income Fund
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Plus 3 Network

For more information on any of these programs, please contact Richard Cook, IMBA's Director of Development at 303-545-9011 x 104 or email rich [dot] cook [at] imba [dot] com

Gifts of Cash

Writing a check to IMBA or donating money online with your credit card is generally tax-deductible and the simplest and most direct way to contribute. If you itemize your tax deductions, your gift to IMBA is generally fully deductible up to 50% of your adjusted gross income, and any excess may be carried forward for up to five additional years. (One notable exception: if you join or renew your IMBA membership that offers membership gifts such as socks or a magazine subscription, or donate to a fund that offers a thank you gift, your contribution less the wholesale value of associated gifts is tax deductible, email membership [at] imba [dot] com for details. All other membership contributions are generally fully tax-deductible.)

Donate to IMBA through the Combined Federal Campaign

Federal employees, including federal civilians, military personnel, and U.S. Postal Service workers, can donate to IMBA through the federal government's Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). The CFC is a once-a-year charitable fundraising program. If you are a federal employee, please look for IMBA (agency # 11199) in the official CFC listing of eligible donors.

Employee Giving/Employer Matching

Numerous corporations and employers offer Workplace Giving options including payroll deductions, donation matching and dollar matching for volunteer hours. This may include membership payments or other donations to IMBA's work. Some companies match only a percentage of your gift. Contact your employers HR Dept. or contact development [at] imba [dot] com if you need assistance in setting up a workplace giving program.

Gifts of Securities

Donating appreciated stock to IMBA benefits the donor and helps IMBA achieve its mission.

The donor receives two tax-related benefits. First, the appreciated value of the donated stock is not subject to capital gains taxes. Second, the donor can deduct the fair market value of the stock as a charitable contribution (subject to IRS rules). IMBA can sell the stock and put the money quickly to work to help mountain biking. (As a non-profit group, we're also exempt from capital gains taxes.) The net result: you can make a larger gift to IMBA because of the tax savings.

Gifts of Other Assets

The tax benefits of gifts of real property are similar to those of appreciated securities and in many cases apply to gifts of art, jewelry and other kinds of personal property. Interested donors should check with your financial and tax advisors and IMBA on the feasibility and tax considerations of such gifts.

Donate your vehicle

IMBA receives 80 percent of the proceeds from the sale of your vehicle (car, boat, truck, motorcycle or motor home) through the CARS, Inc. program. CARS will collect and sell your old vehicle and all you need to provide is the vehicle title. Donate your vehicle here or call 855-500-RIDE (7433) for more information.


You can establish a legacy that will reflect your concern for mountain biking and the environment by including IMBA in your will or living trust. Bequests to IMBA are generally exempt from federal or state inheritance taxes, and subject to an unlimited deduction.

The simplest way is to add any of the following to your will or living trust:

Percentage: I give the International Mountain Bicycling Association, located in Boulder, Colorado, __ % of the residue of my estate (for the support of __ program) or (to establish the __ fund) or (for its general purposes).

Dollar Amount: I give to the International Mountain Bicycling Association, located in Boulder, Colorado, the sum of $ __ (for the support of __program) or (to establish the __fund) or (for its general purposes).

Specific Property: I give to the International Mountain Bicycling Association, located in Boulder, Colorado, my interest in (describe the property and the exact location) (for the support of __ program) or (to establish the __ fund) or (for its general purposes).

Please consult with us and your financial and tax advisors in selecting a program or specific target for such a bequest.

Life Income Gifts

There are a variety of plans through which you can transfer assets to IMBA and receive income. Generally, a life income gift pays income to you or your chosen beneficiary for a term of years or for life. After the conclusion of the term, or upon the death of the last income beneficiary, the remainder left in the life income gift is distributed to IMBA. Life income gifts, funded with cash, securities, or real estate, may by made during the donor's lifetime or at death for the benefit of one's heirs. In addition, life income gifts may offer a variety of tax, financial, and estate planning advantages including: Estate tax savings, reduced estate settlement costs, tax-free or tax-reduced income, avoidance of capital gains taxes and others. Please consult with your financial and tax advisors.

Pooled Income Fund

A pooled income fund is a common trust, which allows gifts from many donors to be combined for investment purposes. Each beneficiary receives his or her proportionate share of the net income earned by the fund. After the death of the income beneficiary or beneficiaries, the value of the remainder is segregated from the fund and distributed to IMBA.

Charitable Remainder Trust

One of the most commonly used forms of charitable tax planning is called the charitable remainder trust. It is a way you can convert a highly appreciated asset (such as real estate or stocks) into a lifetime income while minimizing income and estate taxes. You can benefit from a charitable remainder trust if you own a highly appreciated asset, are in a high income tax bracket, would like to enjoy your profits now but want to avoid capital gains and estate taxes, and you wish to support IMBA.

A charitable remainder trust entails transferring the appreciated asset into an irrevocable trust, naming IMBA as beneficiary. The trustee (a trust company that specializes in trust management is recommended) then sells the asset at full market value and re-invests the proceeds in a high quality, well-diversified investment portfolio. For the rest of your life, the trust pays you an income. When you die, the remaining trust assets go to IMBA.

A charitable remainder trust can take either of two forms: A charitable remainder annuity trust that pays a fixed-dollar amount each year, which cannot be less than 5% nor more that 50% of the initial fair market value of the trust assets; or a charitable remainder unitrust that pays a fixed percentage not less than 5% nor more than 50% of the trust assets each year, based on an annual revaluation of the trust assets.

In making a gift, we strongly recommend that you consult with your attorney, accountant, and other financial advisors on the legal and tax-related matters affecting your specific situation.

IMBA is a tax-exempt, 501c3 non-profit educational association. Donations to IMBA are generally tax deductible. IMBA's tax identification number is 77-0204066.