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International Women's Mountain Biking Day is celebrated annually on the first Saturday in May. It's a day for riders who identify as women to gather, experience, and share their stoke for mountain biking! Tag your rides with #WomensMTBDay!

Community Driven

Women’s Mountain Biking Day originated from the 2018 IMBA UPRISING event—our first-ever women’s conference. Attendees were asked to share their best ideas for engaging more women in mountain biking. A day dedicated to women enjoying mountain biking with each other and encouraging fellow women to join them was dreamed up by Andree Sanders of Trips for Kids Metro New York. Thank you for inspiring us!

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How Do I Participate?

Women’s Mountain Biking Day is social media-driven. Organizations and individuals are encouraged to use the day as a catalyst for grassroots engagement, festivals, rides, awareness campaigns, and other activities to both celebrate and encourage women riding mountain bikes.

Women riding a jump line.

Plan a special ride or skills practice with your mountain biking friends who identify as women. Ride your favorite trail, discover a new trail, or visit your local skills park. Take your mom, sister, daughter, or partner for their first mountain bike ride. Set up a virtual challenge to ride the same trail, route, or mileage, and record your efforts with a fitness tracking app. Host an organized, women-only mountain bike ride via a local bike club or shop. Consider smaller group rides and virtual challenges.

Women volunteers working on trails.

Organize a women-only trail volunteer day. Connect with your local mountain biking trail organization or trail crew. Clean up your local trails. Share trail maintenance and trail tool use tips. Learn why volunteering to maintain your local trails is important. Consider socially distanced opportunities and options to attend for a few hours at an easily accessible trail versus an all-day event deep in the backcountry. 

Women riders chatting during a ride.

Host a women-only skills night or advocacy talk. Skills night could include bike maintenance basics, mountain biking trail etiquette, and bike handling techniques. You could give a presentation on how to become more involved in trails and outdoor recreation in their community. How can women mountain bikers advocate for more resources, access, youth programming, and more where they live?

Women riders at a gathering.

Host a women's night with a local bike shop. Show inspirational films, network, swap stories, and make new friends. Get to know who is in the mountain biking community, and give those who are curious a chance to come out and ask questions in a friendly environment.

Women riders gather before a ride.
Photo courtesy of: Brandi Keltner

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper issued an official proclamation declaring May 5th, 2018, as Women’s Mountain Biking Day. It is an honor that the Governor recognized the important role women play for mountain biking in communities across Colorado. Can your elected officials and community leaders help amplify your #WomensMTBDay message?

Read the Proclamation


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Whenever you ride, however you ride, wherever you ride, and whatever you ride with, we invite you to ride with us. Mountain bikers are not defined by frequency, skill, speed, or equipment. Passion for knobby-tire rides makes you a mountain biker!

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IMBA is a signatory of the CAMBER Outdoors CEO pledge—a commitment of outdoor industry organizations to attract, retain, and advance women in their workplaces.

Silhouettes of riders at sunset.
A male mountain biker riding in the desert.
A silhouette of a rider with mountains in the background.
A biker riding uphill near a lake and mountainous area.
An aerial shot of a rider in a very green area.
A diverse group of riders paused to talk during a ride.
A mountain bikers riding in a dirt jumps area in St. George, UT.
Two male mountain bikers riding downhill in Chile.
A male mountain biker riding up a rocky path.

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