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IMBA pursues its mission by building public awareness of mountain bike issues, influencing policy development, advancing trail building practices and fostering chapter and club development. Key departments and programs that advance these efforts include the following:

Alerts and News

IMBA keeps you informed about the latest mountain biking happenings and access issues with news releases and action alerts. We also distribute monthly eNewsletters and add frequent posts on IMBA's blog and Facebook page.

Chapter, Supporting Organization, and Regional Development

IMBA is the hub for organizing public lands policy work via our network of chapters and clubs throughout the world. We provide volunteer training, business and program resources and coordination and communication to help build local capacity for community outreach.


IMBA's Destinations Program helps to connect mountain bikers worldwide to great ideas and resources for all their bike-related travel, including information on incredible riding areas, package tours, as well as IMBA-friendly accommodations, outfitters, bike shops, tourism bureaus, skills camps, bike parks and more.

Government Relations

IMBA's Government Relations department helps create well-reasoned, bike-friendly public policies and legislation. IMBA works with all levels of government and especially so in Washington, D.C. including the U.S. Congress, and all major federal land management agencies.

Instructor Certification Program (ICP)

How do mountain bikers learn to ride skillfully and safely? Traditionally it’s been by trial and error (ouch!), or with the guidance of a more experienced rider. IMBA’s Instructor Certification Program equips chapters, clubs and individuals to offer polished training sessions that teach a broad range of bike handling and safety skills.

Model Trails

IMBA and its chapters and supporting organization are drawing on decades of accumulated trailbuilding expertise to offer new models for mountain bike trails. These models range from Gateway Trails that can be built in small parks to IMBA Ride Centers, large-scale and purpose-built trail systems. Old and new trail systems alike are eligible for IMBA's Epic designation. An IMBA Epic is as much about mountain bike friendly communities as it is the trails supported and cared for by those communities.

National Mountain Bike Patrol

IMBA directs the National Mountain Bike Patrol (NMBP) program to help establish, certify, and operate patrols and trail ambassador programs in parks, open spaces and public lands throughout the world.

Public Lands Initiative

IMBA's Public Lands Initiative offers resources to promote a bicycle-friendly approach toward our nation's legacy of public lands protection.

Trail Planning and Design Services

Trail Solutions is IMBA's professional trail consulting program, offering flexible, fee-based trail services that range from trail planning, design, and construction to education and problem solving.