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Trails Count Grant Program

Trails Count Grant Program

The Trails Count Grant Program is an assistance grant in partnership with Eco Counter and focuses on the quality of mountain bike trail communities by measuring the number of users on trails to assess the impact of trails. The grants support communities that have the interest and political support to develop trail use measurement systems, but need additional assistance.

Tracking Trail Use

Want to put together a plan for new trails in your community and need the evidence to back you up? Chris touches on a few different ways trail champions can harness the info needed to make the case for more trails.






Trails Count Program In Detail

The Trails Count Grant Program is an assistance grant, valued at $8,000 per award, administered by IMBA in partnership with Eco Counter. Awardees will receive two (2) Pyro box counters, professional assistance and consultation services, educational materials, counting hardware and software to support effective trail counting programs, which can help leverage additional funding for trail infrastructure. 

The grant program also offers data visualization deliverables, such as an infographic, social media cards or a presentation – all with your organization's branding – to ensure that your data is impactful into the future.


Previous winners have used the trails count grant to:

  • capture trail use volumes and trends to demonstrate the importance of mountain biking to a local region;
  • justify infrastructure spending or inform future funding applications to support local and regional trail development;
  • quantify the socio-economic and health impact of trails to the surrounding region by combining automated count data with other data sources, such as surveys, tourism and economic data;
  • and develop a baseline understanding of use trends on mountain bike trails – including hourly, weekly and seasonal trends, in addition to the impact of weather and trends across a network -  to inform future trail development and be leveraged for years to come.

Requirements to Apply

IMBA Local Partners enrolled to receive Chapter or Affiliate Support Services with an approved counting program to launch.

Proof that the project is approved by the overseeing land manager, agency or partner 

Program assistance will support access efforts, trail assessment, and the creation of a trail plan or trail maintenance through a well-planned and executed trail counting program.

Trails Count applications will be vetted and subject to final approval.

Complete details will be provided to applicants.


Applying For a Grant

Each grant award includes in-kind professional services and equipment rental for up to six months from IMBA and Eco Counter.

  • All communities interested in applying for a Trails Count grant must submit a completed application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

  • Calls may be scheduled with some applicants to discuss their proposals further. If selected for a call, please do not consider this as approval for a grant.

  • Each awardee will be connected with Eco Counter professionals coordinating program details, software training, and hardware installation. 

  • All awardees will be required to announce the receipt of the grant in a formal press release, on social media outlets, and on the site of the trail project (if applicable) as agency policy permits. 

  • Due to volume, we cannot give specific feedback on declined proposals.

The next grant application period will be Summer 2024.

Image Anthony Duncan

I’ve seen the bubble of the coal industry and how the decline of the industry has devastated many of the communities surrounding my hometown. Helping communities and chapters with similar issues look past their economic hardships and embrace the natural assets that surround them is what drives me. Mountain biking changed my life and I believe it can change the lives of countless others if given the opportunity.

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