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IMBA's crew is made up of passionate mountain bikers who also happen to be experienced professionals in their fields. Many of the staff got started as volunteer advocates and trail builders in every corner of the globe. The team remains spread throughout the country, to understand and celebrate the regional differences in our sport.

The board of directors are also mountain bikers and trail champions with a diverse set of personal and professional experiences. Beyond governance and fiduciary responsibilities, the board enables and supports IMBA staff and Local Member Organizations as they further the mission of more trails closer to home.

Our crew
Our board
Image Aaron Clark
Aaron Clark

Policy Manager- Government Affairs

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aaron clark
Aaron Clark Policy Manager - Government Affairs

Aaron is a gearhead by birth and dropper-post lovin' weight-weenie by choice. Having discovered a lifelong love for all things bikes back in Detroit in the early 90's (aboard his fully rigid, budget-minded Nishiki Crossroads, no less) he began racing his bike all over the Michigan woods. This eventually led Aaron to Colorado and eventually to IMBA in 2012 where he works on backcountry mountain bike trail access, policy and legislation as part of the Government Relations team. In his little spare time, Aaron coaches cyclocross at a local high school. His best rides are with his wife and two boys who, after careful crafting, now share his love for riding.
Ama Koenigshof, IMBA Trail Solutions Construction and Operations Project Manager
Ama Koenigshof

Construction and Operations Project Manager - Trail Solutions

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Ama Koenigshof, IMBA Trail Solutions Construction and Operations Project Manager
Ama Koenigshof Construction and Operations Project Manager - Trail Solutions

Originally from Michigan, Ama has spent the last 18 years crisscrossing the country building trails.  She has worked in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors empowering builders to take their trade to the next level.  Hard work, collaboration, tangible results, and a healthy amount of dirt and rocks in her life are what keep Ama smiling.  Throw a bike or a moto into the mix, and Ama is over the moon.  When not on the trail for work, Ama enjoys exploring our public lands via foot, wheels, or boat.
Image Anthony Duncan
Anthony Duncan

Director of Local Programs- IMBA Local Programs

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fat tony
Anthony Duncan Director of Local Programs - IMBA Local Programs

Raised in a small town in the Southern Appalachian mountains of Virginia, Anthony grew up with an appreciation of the outdoors and the adventures it provides. Anthony came to IMBA in 2014 after an eight-year career in marketing and PR as a graphics project manager and a former president of SORBA Tri-Cities, an IMBA/SORBA chapter straddling the Tennessee/Virginia border. Anthony is based in Tennessee. 

Ben Raiche, IMBA Trail Solutions Builder
Ben Raiche

Trail Builder- Trail Solutions

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Ben Raiche, IMBA Trail Solutions builder riding bike
Ben Raiche Trail Builder - Trail Solutions

Ben's passion for the outdoors began at Northern Michigan University, where he studied Outdoor Recreation and Conservation.  He picked up the climbing bug early, and if Ben wasn't at the crag then he was exploring the Northwoods on a bike, skiing the local hills, or paddling on Lake Superior.  After bouncing around the West for a while, Ben landed in Flagstaff where he developed a love for trails and community.  When he's not out wandering with his dog, Ben is focused on bringing the psyche to other places through quality trail experiences.
Cale Mason, Trail Solutions Trail Specialist
Cale Mason

Trail Specialist- Trail Solutions

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Cale Mason, Trail Solutions Trail Specialist
Cale Mason Trail Specialist - Trail Solutions
Chris Mohler 2024 headshot.
Chris Mohler

Trail Specialist- Trail Solutions

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Chris Mohler riding
Chris Mohler Trail Specialist - Trail Solutions

Chris is a trail builder born and raised in the suburbs of Dallas-Fort Worth. His passion for the outdoors began when he spent summers and weekends in the local creeks searching for reptiles as a kid. He was introduced to cycling at a young age by his father and would join in weekend tandem rides with the local bike club. Though riding downhill and racing enduro are his true loves, you might find him ripping it at a weekly gravel bike race. His deep affection for the sport grew once he started building and helping maintain the local mountain bike trails in the area. If he’s not hanging with his lab mix, Ms. Izzy, or shredding trails, he’s either backpacking, hiking anything that looks fun, or snow skiing in the Rockies.
Chris Orr, Community Engagement Specialist
Chris Orr

Community Engagement Specialist- Programs

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Chris Orr Community Engagement Specialist - Programs

Working in trail advocacy and conservation for thirty years, Chris splits his time as a Trail Specialist for IMBA Trail Solutions and as the Assistant Director of the Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserve (VESR), one of thirty nine University of California NRS research and education field stations. For Trail Solutions and trail communities, Chris has specialized in trail system survey, design, mapping, education, heavy equipment construction, and trail impact / storm water runoff mitigation methodologies.  As the Assistant Director of VESR, he helps manage the conservation and research on of one of the remaining un-logged, un-grazed montane conifer habitats in the Eastern Sierras.  When not on bike, Chris enjoys snowboarding, fly-fishing, leather work, and building prosthesis.
Colin McMillian, IMBA Trail Specialist
Colin McMillan

Trail Specialist- Trail Solutions

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colin mountain biking
Colin McMillan Trail Specialist - Trail Solutions

Colin's life on two wheels developed early on in the piedmont of North Carolina. Home built jumps and racing down power line trails on dirt bikes were his preferred methods. His love for the outdoors took on many different forms: skiing, climbing, and backpacking were some of the few. After high school Colin saw no better way to pursue the outdoors than to explore Nature's Mountain Playground, Pocahontas County, WV. There he developed skills in snowmobiles, ski and bike patrol, and open water rescue. During these years he realized he had a passion laying dormant… trail building. This led him to join the local Poca-Trails club where he gained the skillset to maintain and revamp some of his favorite trails. His desire to expand his horizons brought him to IMBA Trail Solutions.
Image David Wiens
David Wiens

Executive Director- Marketing and Development

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David Wiens MTB
David Wiens Executive Director - Marketing and Development

Dave has been mountain biking since the mid-1980s and has ridden and raced his bike on trails all over the world. He has been involved in trail advocacy from the beginning and was the founder and executive director of Gunnison Trails, and race director for the Gunnison Growler. A member of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, Dave also created and led the Mountain Sports program at Western Colorado University. He joined the IMBA board of directors in 2016 as its chairman, and was named IMBA’s executive director in spring 2017.
Davis, Trail Solutions
Davis Rackham

Trail Builder- Trail Solutions

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Davis Mountain Biking
Davis Rackham Trail Builder - Trail Solutions

Summer or winter, Davis strives to be a master of terrain. Once the snow melts, he's in MTB mode. Davis' love of 2 wheels started young and still burns bright. He spreads the stoke in his local community and with anyone he meets on the road. He and Clifford his big red van strive to change lives on any adventure that comes their way.
2024 Eleanor Blick, Director of Communications, headshot
Eleanor Blick

Director of Communications- Marketing and Development

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Eleanor riding in high alpine setting
Eleanor Blick Director of Communications - Marketing and Development

Eleanor (she/her) wants everyone to have a safe and welcoming space to ride bikes. While working in journalism and nonprofits in the Midwest, Eleanor led volunteer efforts with Big Marsh Bike Park, co-founded the Chicago Women’s CX Fund, and worked with city youth programs to get more kids on bikes. Now in Colorado, Eleanor joined the IMBA team in 2016 and leads communications to support communities across the country developing trails close to home. She serves on the board of All Bikes Welcome and loves volunteering with the annual Rezduro race. She is more graceful on two wheels than on two feet.  

Forrest Town, IMBA Trail Solutions Planner I
Forrest Town

Staff Planner- Trail Solutions

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Forrest Town, IMBA Trail Solutions Planner Catching Air While Mountain Biking
Forrest Town Staff Planner - Trail Solutions

Forrest is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana with a love for bikes born out of an adrenaline-filled childhood of motocross racing. While attending Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, he spent his time studying Earth Sciences, co-managing the Sustainability Office bike program, and making frequent trips to a slice of heaven called Highland Mountain Bike Park. When he is not riding, Forrest is either working on bikes, developing maps, cooking (mostly gumbo and other cajun foods), or canoeing the Louisiana bayous.
Geoff Chain, IMBA Trail Solutions Planner
Geoff Chain

Project Manager and Planner- Trail Solutions

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Geoff Chain, IMBA Trail Solutions Project Manager
Geoff Chain Project Manager and Planner - Trail Solutions

Geoff is a gearhead and two-wheel junkie through and through. Born and raised in Arizona and calling Prescott home, he spent his youth building BMX dirt jumps with a crew of misfits, and riding motorcycle trials with his family on weekends. He caught the mountain bike bug in 2009 and hasn’t looked back since. After graduating from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff with a degree in GIS, he worked for the U.S. Geological Survey as a research analyst working on the Colorado River. During this time, he became very involved in the local trail advocacy groups designing and building trails with the USFS. This eventually led to a career in motorized trail advocacy where he designed OHV trails and facilities, taught trail workshops, and collaborated with land managers and volunteers across the US. In his spare time, he rides bikes and travels with his wife Jessie, competes in moto trials events and the occasional enduro race, and tinkers on old Toyotas.
man with glasses and a short beard wears a short sleeved Woolrich shirt
George Chevalier

Promotions Manager- Marketing and Development

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a mountain biker leaning against a bike, with a western canyon landscape in background
George Chevalier Promotions Manager - Marketing and Development

George has always prioritized time outdoors via hiking, bikepacking, motorcycles and bicycles. George lives in western NJ, where you can usually find him on two wheels, linking trails and back roads in the most densely populated state. He also volunteers time to help others get on bikes, and keep the local trails rolling smoothly. Previously, he has served in marketing and product development roles for outdoor industry and cultural institutions.
Harrison Dixon

Trail Builder- Trail Solutions

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harrison mountain biking
Harrison Dixon Trail Builder - Trail Solutions

Harrison’s passion for biking and outdoors began at a young age when he started BMX racing throughout the East Coast. Later, his parents bought a place in Snowshoe, WV where he began downhill mountain biking. He was immediately hooked on the sport which led him to pursuing a career in the mountain bike industry. One of his first jobs was with Snowshoe as a terrain park and bike trail builder. From there, he gained experience with private companies before coming to work for IMBA.
Heather Alessandro

Director of Talent and Culture- Administration

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Heather Alessandro Director of Talent and Culture - Administration

Heather enjoys life with her husband, two daughters and two dogs in the seven hills (but no mountains) of greater Cincinnati. In her spare time, Heather enjoys running, hiking, brunch, reading and trying new recipes. She is a couch to 5k coach with a local non-profit group. Heather’s mountain biking career is in its infancy but she does have about 15 years of human resources experience and loves helping other people succeed. Heather attended Xavier University in Cincinnati and has degrees in psychology and business. Just for fun, Heather was a substitute high school algebra teacher.
HBone photo
Heather Bonewitz

Member Services Manager- IMBA Local Programs

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image Heather Bonewitz MTB
Heather Bonewitz Member Services Manager - IMBA Local Programs

Heather is originally from Michigan but has lived in and around Boulder, Colorado her entire adult life. She enjoys mountain biking (which she has done for more than 20 years), dirt biking, skiing and snowboarding with her husband and two daughters. Heather represents for Masters women at Enduro races across the Rocky Mountains and racks up podiums on a regular basis, earning this former high school English teacher the nickname "Enduro Mama." Her dog, Mazey, can be found at her side most days and is IMBA's unofficial office pup.

James clark
James Clark

Executive Vice President- Programs

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James Clark Mtb
James Clark Executive Vice President - Programs

James has been working in the outdoor industry his entire career. Born and raised in Atlantic, Canada, he received his outdoor recreation degree from the University of New Brunswick. His more than 25-year career spans working with governments, nonprofits and consulting across Canada. Since 2010, he has lived in California and worked to create space and trails for people to enjoy the outdoors.
Jess Didion, Trail Specialist
Jess Didion

Trail Specialist- Trail Solutions

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Jess Didion Trail Specialist - Trail Solutions

Whether she's commuting everywhere via fixed gear in cowboy boots or finding the nearest trail to ride her mountain bike, Jess understands how important it is to have that outdoor escape and trails close-by. She's a midwest girl who's lived in small-town Kansas, Chi-Town, Sydney and hopscotches all over Missouri. She grew up crossing off as many places on a map as she could and enjoys being a nomadic gypsy. Before joining IMBA Trail Solutions, she was helping create a trail system in rural Missouri for all the surrounding mountain bikers and adventurers. She has over 10 years of experience helping communities with her graphic design skills and what some may think is a freakish obsession with typography. She now aspires to use that creative energy towards creating future trails for communities. She collects dirt and always has a deck of cards handy. Her van is a home on wheels which is normally driving into the sunset, heading to the nearest mountain bike trails.
Joey Klein, Community Engagement Specialist
Joey Klein

Community Engagement Specialist- Programs

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Joey Klein Community Engagement Specialist - Programs

Joey is IMBA's longest-tenured employee and its ambassador to the world, having planned and built trails and taught trailbuilding across the U.S. and around the globe. He was instrumental in jumpstarting IMBA’s Trail Solutions program in 2002 after a three-year stint with the Subaru-IMBA Trail Care Crew program. He has won the gruelling Montezuma’s Revenge mountain bike race several times, climbed and skied the majority of Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks, and surfed countless breaks.
John Cox, IMBA's Education Manager
John Cox

Education Manager- Programs

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John Cox riding MTB
John Cox Education Manager - Programs

John's passion for a life on two wheels is rooted in his days growing up in Ohio building jumps in the yard. His ardor for cycling has only grown since those days even taking him across the globe to explore unridden trails. Knowing the beauty and value that these on trail experiences provide he has strived to be an advocate in all his pursuits, both personal and professional, so others may have the same opportunities. Now as a member of the IMBA team he continues this work as the Education Coordinator. Outside of work you can find him riding & training in the Blue Ridge mountains, coaching in the Southeast, or spending time with his family.
Josh Olson, Director of Construction and Operations
Josh Olson

Director of Construction and Operations- Trail Solutions

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Josh Olson Director of Construction and Operations - Trail Solutions

Josh is a trail builder born and raised in Colorado who has been building mountain bike trails for over 15 years. Cycling has always been a big part of his life. Some of his favorite memories include his dad building him his first bike and riding trails all over Colorado on his family camping vacations. Silverton Mountain, CO is where his trail building career began and since then he has built trail all over the country. Josh has worked and managed several different bike parks and enjoys going fast and jumping his bike. When he is not riding or building trail you can find him riding his Harley, working on his truck or camping.
Kate Noelke, IMBA's Communications & Advocacy Specialist
Kate Noelke

Communications & Advocacy Specialist- Marketing and Development

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Kate Noelke Communications & Advocacy Specialist - Marketing and Development

Kate grew up on the backwaters of the Mississippi River biking, paddling, and wandering through the beauty of the Driftless Region of SW Wisconsin. She loves to make and share food she's grown or foraged, and believes all bodies belong on bikes (and wandering trails via whichever mode of movement one prefers). Kate started her career guiding paddling trips throughout the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore; taught and worked in public health in higher education; and continues to make strong connections between human wellbeing and inclusive, accessible outdoor spaces. Kate has over two decades of experience in outdoor recreation advocacy and storytelling. She is not the fastest or most daring mountain biker on our team, but she rides every day and the joy she derives from being in the woods on two wheels is visceral. These days, you can find her riding trails and volunteering in and around the Arkansas Hills (Tenderfoot Mountain) and Methodist Mountain trail systems in Salida, CO.
Kent McNeill

CEO- Marketing and Development

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Kent McNeill CEO - Marketing and Development

Kent’s mountain biking roots run deep. First introduced to mountain biking in college, he was instantly hooked. His passion led him to be a founding member for both his collegiate cycling team as well as IMBA Local club T.H.O.R., while working to build local mountain bike trails close to his home. Ultimately he wrapped up his college career serving as Director for Psycowpath—the Nebraska state mountain bike championship series. After graduating college, Kent turned his passion into a career in bicycle retail, founding Midwest Cycling—a top 15 Trek retailer he sold to Trek Bicycle Corporation in 2017. During this time he co-founded a Omaha Devo, a youth mountain bike skills program, and cranked out 10 years of sub-9-hour Leadville 100 finishes. He currently sits on the board for a social enterprise in Omaha, NE, The Bike Union & Coffee, that serves foster youth aging out of the system. Kent is based in Nebraska.
Lea outside in a black hat at sunset
Lea Wehrle-Garsh

Digital Projects Manager- Marketing and Development

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Lea riding a mountain bike around a bermed corner
Lea Wehrle-Garsh Digital Projects Manager - Marketing and Development

Lea is a Michigan native who has gained her love for cycling pedaling throughout the streets of Detroit on a beat-up commuter. Upon moving to the west cost she began riding trail, she continues to learn and gain expertise with two wheels on the dirt. Located in Salt Lake City, Lea is currently exploring the beauty of diverse trail systems throughout the Southwest. Lea is a passionate environmentalist, and is frequently cleaning up trails, parks, and beaches.
Liz Chrisman portrait
Liz Chrisman

Content Marketing Manager- Marketing and Development

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Liz Chrisman MTB image
Liz Chrisman Content Marketing Manager - Marketing and Development

Liz (she/her) grew up pedaling a garage sale 10-speed on the dirt roads of the Arkansas River Valley and on tarmac throughout college. While finishing her master's program, a coworker handed her a rigid Gary Fisher, drove into the Ouachitas and they conquered mileage on the IMBA EPIC Womble Trail. After that, her cycling life was changed. At IMBA, she's able to marry the skills she's honed over the last 18 years: design, community-focused marketing strategies, photography, storytelling and infusing heart into every communication.
Liz Grades, IMBA Trail Solutions Project Manager
Liz Grades

Project Manager and Planner- Trail Solutions

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Liz Grades, IMBA Trail Solutions Planner
Liz Grades Project Manager and Planner - Trail Solutions

Liz approaches each design project with a fresh perspective—she is continually exploring new and innovative ways of connecting people with place. She combines a background in trail construction with work in recreation planning and landscape architecture. Her passion for sustainable design is balanced by a practical knowledge of how things are built. Based in the Adirondacks, she enjoys exploring the abundance of lakes and trails by bike, ski or boat.
Lynn, finance assistant
Lynn Ognibene

Finance Assistant- Administration

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Lynn biking on path
Lynn Ognibene Finance Assistant - Administration

Lynn grew up in the Midwest and could be found riding her bike around country roads. She moved to California in her 20's and enjoyed raising a family while working for several small companies taking care of their finances. Lynn and her husband bought a home in Boulder, Colorado about 6 years ago and now splits her time between the two states. Lynn loves to road bike with her girlfriends when in California and gets on her Mountain Bike to ride some trails when in Colorado.  Lynn is also an active hiker and loves exploring new trails.
Marty Caivano, IMBA Local Programs
Marty Caivano

Local Community Engagement Manager- IMBA Local Programs

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Marty Caivano riding mountain bike, IMBA Local Programs
Marty Caivano Local Community Engagement Manager - IMBA Local Programs

Marty started mountain biking in '99, when the usual way to begin riding was to be dragged on a death march by well-meaning friends who left you miles behind with no way to fix a flat. Thankfully, this didn't prevent her from falling in love with the sport (and also becoming a professional mechanic). After a previous stint at IMBA, she worked on the manufacturing side of the industry as well as with local advocacy groups, and now she's back on staff. She's a former photojournalist who uses the noun "flowgnar" like it's an actual word, while at the same time correcting people for saying "irregardless." She loves alpine sunrises, long descents, and fixing broken things to get people back riding. Her stoke level is high, as is her desire to help communities reach their trail development goals.
Matt Brabender, IMBA Trail Solutions Planner
Matt Brabender

Staff Planner- Trail Solutions

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Matt Brabender, IMBA Trail Solutions Planner riding a mountain bike
Matt Brabender Staff Planner - Trail Solutions

Matt discovered his passion for mountain biking & trail building during his time at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, where he studied Natural Resource Management & Planning. After graduating from UWSP in 2018, he moved to the Green Mountain state of Vermont to work for The Kingdom Trail Association and ride his bike as much as possible. During his 4 years with Kingdom Trails, he was able to grow his knowledge & expertise in trail planning, design & construction. Matt loves biking because it helps him explore new places. It doesn’t matter if that is a new trout stream down the road or a trail network across the country, he’s excited to check it out!
Matthew Podraza

Trail Builder- Trail Solutions

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Matthew Podraza Trail Builder - Trail Solutions

Matt's love of biking began in his home state of Vermont, and along with his passion for skiing has brought him all across the country.  Matt enjoys seeing new places and building trail in a variety of ecosystems, getting to contribute a little to each community along the way. Trail building gives him the opportunity to create something useful and fun out of dirt and rocks, and also search out the best campsites along the way.
Mike Repyak, Director of Planning and Design
Mike Repyak

Director of Planning and Design- Trail Solutions

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Image Mike Repyak MTB
Mike Repyak Director of Planning and Design - Trail Solutions

Mike was born and raised on bikes in Wisconsin. He received his degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, then headed west to live in Breckenridge, CO, to work as mountain resort planner on projects throughout the worldwide ski industry. Currently, Mike and his wife are back to their Midwest root, living in Madison, WI. Mike has extensive experience in resort and recreation planning, resort/facility capacity analysis, trail network and facility layout, and detailed site design and grading plans. His project management experience includes master plan processes, public outreach plans, project stakeholder partnerships, federal/state/local permitting, project implementation, and project budget oversight.
Patrick Kell

Senior Partnerships Manager- Marketing and Development

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Patrick Kell Senior Partnerships Manager - Marketing and Development

Patrick is from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He studied geography at John Moores University in Liverpool, England and started mountain biking there in 1992. Patrick lived in Vermont for 11 years, working for the Youth Conservation Corps and volunteering with several mountain bike clubs. He became Executive Director of the Vermont Mountain Bike Association in 2007, establishing access in the Green Mountain National Forest, furthering access on state land and presenting trainings to ski resorts. Since moving to Prescott, AZ, Patrick has been working with the BLM, USFS, and city and county partners to develop trail networks in many communities.
Silver Dawson portrait
Silver Dawson

Trail Builder- Trail Solutions

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Silver Dawson riding
Silver Dawson Trail Builder - Trail Solutions

Following the acquisition of her Exercise & Sport Science degree, Silver began embarking on her journey through the United States with her two dogs and cat. On the road, she has discovered and fallen in love with more outdoor recreational sports than what her South Carolina beach hometown provided her with. Now, a hiking, snowboarding, biking, & surfing enthusiast, she looks to use her knowledge of kinematics and biomechanics to aid in her visions of trail building. Giving communities more access to the trails & outdoors fulfills her desire to increase fitness levels and longevity of the lives around her through fun and adventurous outlets.
Stephen Mullins

Trail Specialist- Trail Solutions

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Stephen Mullins Trail Specialist - Trail Solutions

Like most kids growing up in the '20's, bikes were a means of transportation to Stephen. Dry heaving off the gravel climb on his first ride on a mountain bike, he was hooked! After moving back east and getting involved with SORBA, he discovered he didn't know anything about trails until serving as a chapter president. Several years as Trails Director led him to IMBA Trail Solutions.
Thomas Wedeking, Construction Manager
Thomas Wedeking

Construction Manager- Trail Solutions

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Thomas Wedeking Construction Manager - Trail Solutions

Thomas grew up in Kentucky where he developed a love for the outdoors, camping and climbing in the Red River Gorge area.  After college and the Army, he eventually found his way into the environmental construction industry doing stream restoration and storm water infrastructure work. He became passionate about mountain biking after having an absolute blast during a mountain bike adventure race. In his spare time he helps coach the local NICA team.  What Thomas enjoys most about mountain biking is the positive effect he's seen it have on peoples' lives.
Tiffanie Beal

Director of Finance- Administration

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Image Tiffanie Beal MTB
Tiffanie Beal Director of Finance - Administration

Tiffanie’s love for adventure and the wild outdoors led her, early on, to uproot her life and book it to Colorado, where the mountains waited and the trails beckoned. She has been with IMBA since 2010 and in addition to handling the finances, she’s a volunteer coach for the Little Bellas program and loves seeing little girls gain strength, courage and self-worth through mountain biking. When not on her bike in the Colorado high alpine, you can find her trail running, skiing, wrapped up in a book or tinkering with recipes in her kitchen. She probably will never mention it, but she earned a stars-and-stripes jersey from winning a national endurance mountain biking championship early in her mountain biking career, and has degrees in economics and political science.
Tim Halbakken, IMBA Trail Solutions Project Manager
Tim Halbakken

Project Manager and Planner- Trail Solutions

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Tim Halbakken, IMBA Trail Solutions Planner
Tim Halbakken Project Manager and Planner - Trail Solutions

As a Trail Solutions Planner and Project Manager, Tim brings a unique skill set and perspective. With nearly two decades of experience in land planning and landscape architecture, Tim also brings a lifetime of experience riding natural surface trails. From racing XC, bmx, enduro, chainless, and ultra endurance, to raising a riding family, Tim has witnessed the progression of trail building.  Father to a now teenager, Tim has also watched the human progression from push bike to trail bike. Based on the Western Slope of Colorado, Tim is passionate to foster the next evolution in trails and recreation resource planning.  When not riding or skiing, Tim and his family travel far and wide in their van "Sandy" as a hockey family.
Todd Keller

Director of Government Affairs- Government Affairs

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Todd Keller Director of Government Affairs - Government Affairs

Todd is a twenty-plus year veteran of public policy, legislative affairs, and issue campaigns, having worked with conservation non-profits, the renewable energy industry, and outdoor recreation organizations among others.Throughout his career he has worked to promote a healthy lifestyle by ensuring access to public lands, funding for outdoor recreation, and promoting cycling in all forms. He lives in Washington, DC with his wife, two daughters, and two dogs.
Tylor Brackett

Trail Specialist- Trail Solutions

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Tylor Brackett Trail Specialist - Trail Solutions

Tylor became an advocate for the cycling world at the age of 4 when he first threw a leg over a bike. From throwing the training wheels away early to being the fastest kid in the neighborhood to getting on a Factory Trek team in middle school, the bike has always been a staple to his life. Beyond racing Tylor has spent time as a bike shop rat, holding youth classes on bicycle safety and maintenance classes, and being a local trail steward. After acquiring his grandparents’ land in Missouri's Mark Twain National Forest, he started to build a trail system for the surrounding mountain bike community to enjoy. He eventually found his way to IMBA's Trail Solutions.


Andrew Kempe, IMBA Board of Directors
Andrew Kempe


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Andrew Kempe, IMBA Board of Directors
Andrew Kempe Director

Born in North San Diego County in the 1900’s, Andrew has spent most of his life in and around Orange County, CA. Andrew has been riding mountain bikes and working in the bicycle business for almost 30 years. His career has spanned almost every segment of the business; from bikes shops to start-ups, apparel companies to component manufacturers. Andrew currently serves as Senior Sales Manager of OEM Sales in the Bicycle Division of Shimano North America and is active on the Trade Committee for People for Bikes.

For Andrew, mountain biking is solace, sanctuary and beauty. Riding a mountain bike is a way to see the natural world and move dynamically through dynamic surroundings.

Andrew brings an industry perspective and his strong local trail champion/community perspective to IMBA.
Bill Miller, IMBA Board of Directors
Bill Miller


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Bill Miller, IMBA Board of Directors
Bill Miller Chair

Bill is a lifelong mountain biker who grew up on military bases and went to high school and university in Atlanta before moving to Northern California 36 years ago. Bill brings his experience leading and managing growing organizations to IMBA. Bill’s professional career has spanned technology and investing including stints at Intel and its venture capital arm, multiple software startups and most recently, an Investment firm that works for Endowments, Foundations, and Families. Bill’s MRIs are clear evidence that his enthusiasm for riding routinely overwhelms his capabilities. Bill is a supporter of both his state and local mountain bike organizations as well as IMBA.
Ernie Rodriguez
Ernie Rodriguez

Vice Chair

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Ernie Rodriguez
Ernie Rodriguez Vice Chair

Ernie is a passionate trail champion who brings the perspective and experiences of a vibrant local organization to IMBA. Ernie spent several years serving the Mid-Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts (MORE), an IMBA chapter serving the Washington D.C. metro area. He has volunteered as a ride leader, trail liaison, advocacy director and, since 2014, the group’s president.
Jazmin M. Varela

Board Member

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Jazmin M. Varela Board Member

Jazmin Varela is the Director of Landowner Relations at Finite Carbon. She previously served as Associate Director of Integrative Services for The Conservation Fund, Park Naturalist at Mt. Mitchell State Park and Outreach Specialist as an AmeriCorps Member. She earned her Master’s of Environmental Management from Duke University and her B.S. in Geography with a minor in Biology from Appalachian State University.
michelle zimmerman, imba board member
Michelle Zimmerman


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michele zimmerman, imba board member
Michelle Zimmerman Secretary

Michelle began her mountain biking career in the 80’s on a shiny red, banana seat kid’s bike, following her older brother and his friends jumping out of ditches on the farm, and started racing in 2005. She worked at the Denver Spoke bike shop through college and joined Team Yeti Beti in 2010. Riding a bike is vital medicine in Michelle’s life and keeps her connected to this amazing community.

Michelle brings her experience leading and governing conservation and land management organizations to IMBA.

Michelle is a Director of Development for SunShare, a solar photovoltaic developer based in Denver. Before working in the solar industry, Michelle was the executive director of two nonprofit organizations focused on land conservation. She also served on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission from 2012-2020 representing recreation and nonprofits. In this capacity, she encouraged state parks to offer mountain biking opportunities and helped them find a balance between the regulatory nature of recreation management on public lands and natural resource conservation and wildlife management.
Ron Ritzler, IMBA Board of Directors
Ron Ritzler


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Ron Ritzler, IMBA Board of Directors
Ron Ritzler Treasurer

Ron was born and raised in the Chicagoland area, Ron caught the bug of Mountain Biking in the 1980’s after saving his summer job money for his first Mountain Bike in 1985. A longtime advocate for trail access and trail building, and a lifetime cyclist, Ron can often be found enjoying the trails and the incredible community of mountain bikers. Ron currently serves as the Vice President of Product for SRAM Corporation where he has had a 28-year career in the cycling industry and supports a global team of product developers, marketers and sales of cycling components.
Tom Burton, IMBA Board of Directors
Tom Burton


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Tom Burton, IMBA Board of Directors
Tom Burton Director

Growing up in Utah in the 80’s and 90’s, Tom has been racing and riding mountain bikes most of his life.  In high school, he worked for a local bike shop in Sandy, Utah, and he has maintained his love for mountain biking ever since.  Shortly before the pandemic, He introduced his family to mountain biking, and today all three of his children race in the Utah NICA league, where Tom is a coach for the local high school team.      
Tom is both an engineer and lawyer by training and is currently the Chief Strategy Officer and General Counsel at Zero Motorcycles, based in Scotts Valley, California. Prior to Zero, Tom was the General Counsel for Traeger, Inc., the creator of the wood pellet grill industry, where he led their IPO in 2021, and the General Counsel and Vice President of Business Development for Skullcandy. Prior to moving and working inside growing companies,  he was in private practice, where he specialized in intellectual property law, and prior to that he worked as a mechanical engineer for Autoliv, Inc.
His focus on the IMBA board is to provide advice in scaling and growing our services and impact for trail champions while mentoring us through the ever changing legal landscape around recreation.

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