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Trail Labs: IMBA Education

Education for Champions and Communities

Education has been core to IMBA since the beginning in 1988. As mountain biking and the trail industry have evolved so has our education program and the ways we strive to achieve our mission.


Trail Labs started in 2016 as a multi-day workshop designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the trail development process. Over the years this workshop has proven to be needed and appreciated, but it has also highlighted areas and topics where IMBA could do more to help communities develop and support their trail systems. Developing trails is a process, and one workshop is just a piece of that process.


Beginning in 2022, Trails Labs represents IMBA’s entire educational program designed to equip Trail Champions with the knowledge, resources and skills necessary to see more trails on the ground and help you provide great mountain biking experiences in your community. The former “Trail Labs” workshops will continue on as a key piece of our program under the new title Foundations.

Resources & Tools

Interested in learning more about what it takes to develop trails in your community? Our Resource Hub provides an overview of the key elements of trail development, supplying you with guidance and resources to assist you in your trail development journey.

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Workshops & Programs

IMBA brings decades of expertise to the classroom or field, offering a variety of workshops and training to equip Trail Champions with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in the trail development process. Check out our Programs page to learn more about our offerings. 

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We offer webinars covering a variety of topics to assist Trail Champions in their efforts drawing from our internal expertise as well as that of our partners. These virtual experiences are a great way to learn and engage with experts in the field of trail development. Visit our Events page to see current offerings. 

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