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New Year, New Trails Goals!

Posted: January 23 - 2013

The New Year means New Trail goals for a Tucson club, Sonoran Desert Mountain Bikers. There are lots of maintenance projects to be done in the Tucson area, and lots of warm weather to boot! So with... Read More

Welcome to Cave Creek!

Posted: November 1 - 2012

This is one impressive high desert trail system! The trails at Cave Creek kept on surprising us at every turn, not to mention, we have never seen more wildlife and beautiful cacti in one place before... Read More

Little Town, Big Hearts...Pine Arizona!

Posted: October 17 - 2012

Pine Arizona is a very small place on the map, but the heart of the people living there far exceeds itself! We have yet to have a visit with such a large number of dedicated community members! We... Read More

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