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Dig In Application

Thanks to contributions from supporters like you, IMBA is able to help our Local Partners create, protect and enhance more trails close to home. Your contribution to a Dig In project will help transform a community and make better places to ride bikes.


Each project that raises $2,000 is eligible for $2,000 in matching funds from Shimano. So the more money is raised means more money can be allocated toward the project. Make a difference today by contributing to a Dig In project!


The next Dig In application period is November 1st, 2021 – November 30th, 2021.

Please see below for current projects!

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Current Projects
Archived Projects
Trail Creek Bridge

A Project of Mountain Bike the Tetons

$ 350.00 raised of $ 10000.00

The project in focus is the construction of a 60' bridge across Trail Creek within the Southern Valley Recreation Project site in Victor, Idaho, and will connect new trails to existing trails. The project has been partially funded through an RTP grant and a number of small private donations. Dig In funds will help pay for the cost of bridge materials.
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Mount Airy Forest Skills Park & Trails

A Project of Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance

$ 1575.00 raised of $ 200000.00

CORA is working with Cincinnati Parks on developing the Mount Airy Forest Skills Park and Trails. This project will provide a low-risk and easily accessible learning environment for kids on bikes. The park will play a key role in helping develop the programming necessary to encourage kids to ride and develop their skills.
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Patuxent River State Park Trail Project

A Project of Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts

$ 1600.00 raised of $ 10000.00

MORE is helping fund phase I construction of 7 miles of sustainable, natural surface multi-use trail at Patuxent River State Park managed by Maryland Park Service/Department of Natural Resources. This is due in part to limits on volunteer work due to COVID 19 but will lead to more contracted work.
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Western Heritage Park Trail (WHiP Trail)

A Project of Weatherford Mountain Bike Club

$ 3795.00 raised of $ 7000.00

Funding will support the purchase of tools for maintenance crews and signs for the Western Heritage Park Trail in Mineral Wells, TX. At approximately 4.35 miles, the soft-surface nature trail benefits the mountain biking, hiking and trail running communities of Mineral Wells and the Palo Pinto County region.
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Narrowback Trail Connection

A Project of Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition

$ 1200.00 raised of $ 3000.00

Narrrowback Mountain is one of the most popular places to ride in the GW National Forest. The Coalition has received a Recreational Trails Program grant through the Virginia DCR to construct three miles of new trail to connect the Narrowback Tower Trail with the newly constructed Wolf Ridge Parking lot. Funding will support the monetary match required for the grant.
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Walden Ridge Park Trail Construction Phase 1

A Project of SORBA Chattanooga

$ 12305.00 raised of $ 25000.00

Located less than 10 minutes from downtown Chattanooga, TN; the 200 acre Walden Ridge Park will offer our community 8 to 12 miles of gravity oriented MTB trails with 800 feet of elevation loss, for beginner to expert riders. It will also boast a rock climbing zone and hiking trails.
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Rattling Creek Trail System expansion

A Project of Susquehanna Area Mountain Bike Association

$ 2035.00 raised of $ 4000.00

SAMBA’s vision for the expansion would provide additional access to the Rattling Creek Epic from surrounding towns, connectivity to the Lykens Valley Rail Trail and double current trail mileage by establishing trail connections that support future trail development within Weiser State Forest.
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Pine Hill Park Trail Build Out

A Project of Pine Hill Partnership

$ 1490.00 raised of $ 40000.00

Due to COVID-19, the Pine Hill Partnership needs to replace approximately 2,500 lost volunteer hours to complete the Pine Hill Park Trail project. The plan is to address the backlog of trail maintenance and new trail development by hiring the VT Youth Conservation Corp.
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Brundage Mountain to Bear Basin Trail Phase 2

A Project of Central Idaho Mountain Bike Association

$ 1200.00 raised of $ 192000.00

Helping fund the 3-mile second phase trail of an 8-mile project that will connect the existing USFS Bear Basin Trail system, a stacked loop non-motorized trail system just west of McCall, ID to the variety of lift accessible and cross country trails at Brundage Mountain Resort.
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Bridges and Berms Fundraiser

A Project of Tri-County Mountain Bike Association

$ 1706.00 raised of $ 7000.00

The Ridgeland Trails were constructed in 2007 with bridges and berms built with treated pine that have begun to deteriorate. Funding is needed to rebuild these features.
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MTB Skills Park at Dillon State Park

A Project of Appalachia Outdoor Adventurers

$ 1000.00 raised of $ 18475.00

Appalachia Outdoor Adventures has identified a need for new and novice riders to be able to build up their technical riding skills. Funding for a local skills park is needed so instructor led and casual skill building sessions can occur in a safe and easily accessible location.
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Bogue Chitto State Park MTB park phase I

A Project of North Shore Off-Road Bicycling

$ 1690.00 raised of $ 10000.00

A professional trail builder has been awarded to develop a master plan for, and build additional miles in this State Park trail system. The funding will be used to contract with the builder to make improvements to the existing 5 miles of trail to maximize mileage and sustainability.
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Blue Marsh Trails Restoration Project (BMTR Project)

A Project of Berks Area Mountain Biking Association

$ 3880.00 raised of $ 10000.00

The BMTR Project will fully advocate for outdoor recreation, specifically- the sport of mountain biking, ensure diverse and inclusive participation from all riders and interested persons regardless of age or ability, and will ultimately serve to benefit the entire community.
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Great Pond Mountain Improved Climbing Trail, Kiosk & Tools

A Project of Eastern Maine Cycling Club

$ 1135.00 raised of $ 6600.00

We built Capstone Trail last year to rave reviews by riders and now we want a better climb. We have struck hero dirt and this new climb will be real fine! This modern climbing trail will be a total of .9 miles and be a high profile trail in the Wildlands of Great Pond Mountain.
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Blackburg Bike Park "Rock Garden Trail"

A Project of Blue Ridge Off-Road Cyclists

$ 2000.00 raised of $ 2000.00

Blue Ridge Off-Road Cyclists is partnering with the town of Blacksburg to help build the Rock Garden Trail. This will be a progressive rock garden for all levels of riders.
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Quarry Trail System Signage Project

A Project of Fredericksburg Trails Alliance

$ 1250.00 raised of $ 5500.00

The Quarry Trail System, consists of numerous intersecting trails along the Rappahannock River and parallel ridgeline. It is a very popular trail system but the consistent complaint is that there is no signage and it is easy to get lost. This project will provide signage for a safer experience.
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Pearsall Park Trail Design

A Project of South Texas Off Road Mountain-Bikers

$ 7000.00 raised of $ 7000.00

One thing that the COVID-19 public health crisis has shown us is that there is a tremendous demand for safe and accessible trails for exercising and exploring the outdoors. This project will fund the professional design of a shared use trail system and flow trail in a 500 acre park located in the southwest part of San Antonio where there is a disproportionate lack of these types of trails. We believe there is tremendous untapped potential at Pearsall Park to create a regional destination for those seeking natural surface trails for riding their bikes.
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Rich Mountain WMA - Cartecay Tract Reroutes

A Project of North Georgia Mountain Bike Association

$ 3000.00 raised of $ 3000.00

We are rebuilding three miles of trail in the Rich Mountain Wildlife Management Area that were damaged by a controlled burn. This trail system serves as a NICA training facility for our local NICA teams and is extremely popular with other user groups.
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Bristol TN/VA Public Bike Workstations

A Project of SORBA Tri-Cities

$ 4620.00 raised of $ 6000.00

We want to install public workstations at our local trails - Sugar Hollow Park on the VA side, Steele Creek Park and South Holston Multi-Use Trails on the TN side, as well as our rails-to-trails in progress, the Mendota Trail - to provide the necessary tools to keep bikes safe and working well.
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Breathing Life Back into Legacy Trails In Central Wisconsin

A Project of Central Wisconsin Off-Road Cycling Coalition

$ 2150.00 raised of $ 5000.00

In 2020, the Central Wisconsin Offroad Cycling Coalition (CWOCC), the local IMBA chapter is embarking on an extensive trail improvement project at Nine Mile County Forest Recreation Area, Central Wisconsin's legacy trail system for over 25 years.
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Explore Park Bike Park.

A Project of Blue Ridge Off-Road Cyclists

$ 3000.00 raised of $ 3000.00

We at Blue Ridge Off-Road Cyclists (BROC) have been invited by the County of Roanoke, VA, to build multiple mountain bike trails at the county’s Explore Park. Located just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, Explore Park's 1,100 acres features hundreds of acres of rolling hills, pristine woodlands, river frontage, and a visitor information center. These amenities are located within 15 minutes of downtown Roanoke’s population core. With the surge in people of all ages who are becoming interested in mountain biking, the county has identified an opportunity to better serve county residents and visitors to the area by enhancing the mountain biking resources within the park. BROC is building a .3-mile intermediate jump-line trail, the first of its kind in the Roanoke area. Currently, Roanoke does not have any intermediate jump-lines. In addition, BROC is also building a one-mile beginner trail. This trail will be a peaceful nature trial that will follow a meandering creak with waterfalls through an Old-growth forest.
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Ferretti Non-Motorized Trail System

A Project of Groveland Trail Heads

$ 5130.00 raised of $ 5000.00

The Ferretti Non- Motorized Trail System is a Mountain Bike Destination Trail System and pilot project in partnership with the USFS, Stanislaus National Forest, located in Groveland on 500+ acres within the SNF Groveland Ranger District.
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Heyward Community Forest_Song Mountain Trail System

A Project of Charlottesville Area Mountain Bike Club

$ 7000.00 raised of $ 7000.00

This project represents the third phase of the Song Mountain Loop trail system in the newly acquired Heyward Community Forest. This new bike-optimized, shared use trail, named Voodoo Child, is an arterial trail that will connect Heyward Community Forest with Ragged Mountain Recreation Area, completing 2.5 miles and expanding day-riding experiences in the Charlottesville area.
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Chattahoochee Bend State Park

A Project of MTB Atlanta

$ 5610.00 raised of $ 10000.00

Chattahoochee Bend State Park is Georgia’s fifth largest state park, within the Metro-Atlanta area, and a short drive to other southeast trail systems. CBSP has the potential to be a regionally significant trail system within the southeast with 30-40 miles of trail developed.
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Dillon Mountain Bike Skills Park phase 2

A Project of Appalachia Outdoor Adventurers

$ 2175.00 raised of $ 15600.00

We completed phase 1 with IMBA/Shimano dig in grant, AOA club funds, and volunteer efforts. The club has expended its current funds for skills park development at this time, but we hope to continue expansion. We are seeking additional funds to allow our club to complete phase 2.
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Brookfield pump track and skills area

A Project of Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts

$ 2400.00 raised of $ 8000.00

This project will serve a diverse community of underserved youth. The project will improve and expand the current pump track and incorporate pre-built technical trail features to create an inclusive, welcoming trail experience for youth of all ages.
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Mountain Bike Skills Progression Trail Project - Camden Snow Bowl

A Project of Midcoast Maine NEMBA

$ 3725.00 raised of $ 10000.00

This project will be based at the Camden Snow Bowl, which is a town owned and operated ski area. The scope of work will involve upgrading existing trails and our pump track that IMBA helped to build. Our objective is to improve the experience for beginner/entry level mountain bikers.
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River to Ridge Trail Plan -Asheville, NC

A Project of Pisgah Area SORBA

$ 2000.00 raised of $ 4000.00

Pisgah SORBA is partnering with the City of Asheville and other community partners to create a system of natural surface trails within City owned and/or managed properties throughout the River Arts District, Beaucatcher Mountain and Azalea Park. This trail system is called the River to Ridge Trails.
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Berkshire Bike Skills Park

A Project of Berkshire NEMBA

$ 4535.00 raised of $ 5000.00

This project is to construct the first professionally built bike skills park in the Western Massachusetts area. The 1+ acre park will include a paved pump track, youth area, jump line, cross country trail, and possibly a dual slalom in order to creatively enhance outdoor recreation in the region.
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CMMBA Trail Building and Maintenance Tools

A Project of Central Michigan Mountain Bike Association

$ 2000.00 raised of $ 8100.00

The Central Michigan Mountain Bike Association maintains over 70 miles of local trails, including many miles that were damaged by flooding in May 2020 and are in desperate need of maintenance. They also intend to keep up their stewardship on several trail systems currently in the planning stages. The club volunteers plenty of their time and supports the local youth cycling team, the Midland Mountain Bike Crew. Now they just need the tools and trailer to keep their amazing work going.
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Narrowback Trails Connection

A Project of Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition

$ 10100.00 raised of $ 10000.00

The Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition aims to construct 3 miles of trail for the Narrowback Trails Connection that will improve accessibility to adjacent trails and create much-needed connectivity to existing parking. The Coalition has already secured funds for the project with a Recreational Trails Program grant through the Virginia DCR and needs to provide a partial match to meet their goal.
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Copper Creek Mountain Bike Park Phase 1

A Project of Central Iowa Trail Association

$ 2800.00 raised of $ 10000.00

The Central Iowa Trail Association and Polk County Conservation are working together to create integrated trails and green spaces that will serve as recreation and conservation areas for the entire community. The $10,000 raised through the Dig In grant will help fund Phase 1 of the project and support additional grants the county has applied for to begin construction.
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The Jamestown Trail

A Project of Michigan's Edge Mountain Biking Association 

$ 3980.00 raised of $ 10000.00

Jamestown Trails will be a professionally designed and constructed trail system located on approximately 150 wooded acres in Southeast Ottawa County. The natural surface, machine-built trails will play through the unique terrain of the ravine on the site.
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Bike Park Improvement Project at Loveless Park - Home of B Street Jumps

A Project of Rogue Valley Mountain Bike Association

$ 5000.00 raised of $ 5000.00

Loveless Park could use some trail love. The trails and jumps built by neighborhood kids in Grants Pass decades ago have worn away. The Loveless Park trails improvement project will ensure the B Street Jumps are there for future generations and provide new, progressive trails for riders of all skill levels.
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O'Brien Watershed Trail Project

A Project of SORBA Tri-Cities

$ 6780.00 raised of $ 10000.00

SORBA Tri-Cities, in partnership with the town of Erwin and Unicoi County, is in the process of funding the construction of nearly 11 miles of mountain bike-specific and shared-use trails in the town of Erwin. The trail system was developed by IMBA with assistance from several local partners and will include trails for riders of all abilities.
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Fort George Connector Trail Crib Wall

A Project of New York City Mountain Bike Association

$ 4081.00 raised of $ 3000.00

The New York City Mountain Biking Association (NYCMTB) is seeking funds to host seminars on crib wall construction so volunteers can build a needed crib wall for the Fort George Connection Trail. Funding will also be used to acquire additional materials for the crib wall.
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Dedham School Singletrack Trail Design & Construction

A Project of Eastern Maine Cycling Club

$ 2100.00 raised of $ 5400.00

The Eastern Maine Cycling Club is working with the town of Dedham to improve a singletrack trail system that increases diversity in trail options, especially for beginning riders. This purpose-built trail will be used by kids and shared with the community. We have excellent sloped terrain to work with and some very interesting features to incorporate.
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“The Pit” Kids’ Bike Skills Area and Trail

A Project of Weatherford Mountain Bike Club

$ 8705.00 raised of $ 6000.00

The Weatherford Mountain Bike Club is raising funds to support the construction and maintenance of a kids’ mountain bike skills area and trail located at the downtown Aledo Community Center.
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Central New Mexico Trail Development and Stewardship - Phase 1

A Project of Albuquerque Mountain Bike Association

$ 2075.00 raised of $ 5000.00

The Albuquerque Mountain Bike Association is launching Phase 1 of their trails project, building shared-use trails for mountain biking, hiking, nordic skiing, and other users on the Eastern side of the Sandia Mountains. Increased volume and frequency of users on New Mexico’s rich public lands has caused a backlog in trail development and maintenance projects. AMBA is seeking funding for tools and supplies to support these trail projects in partnership with federal and state agencies.
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Olmos Basin Park Trail System Signage Project

A Project of South Texas Off Road Mountain-Bikers

$ 6000.00 raised of $ 6000.00

The Olmos Basin Park trail system consists of 8 miles of trails used by hikers, runners, and mountain bikers located in an 1,100-acre park in the San Antonio urban core. Currently, there is no wayfinding or educational signage in the park, and the South Texas Off Road Mountain Bikers would like to add signage to provide a safer and more enjoyable experience for trail users.
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Auburn Bike Park

A Project of Folsom Auburn Trail Riders Action Coalition

$ 2180.00 raised of $ 4000.00

The Folsom Auburn Trail Riders Action Coalition plans to add features to a bike skills trail at the Auburn Bike Park to help riders practice and improve their riding skills. The skills loop, with line options for riders of different abilities, will add another fun component to the popular outdoor recreation space.
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Rhythm Series Freestyle Dirt Jumps

A Project of Blue Ridge Off-Road Cyclists

$ 3100.00 raised of $ 5000.00

The Blue Ridge Off-Road Cyclists plan to add some fun dirt jumps to the Blacksburg Rotary Mountain Biking Skills Park. The project will create some fresh features at the park, attracting new visitors and helping riders improve their skills.
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Rattling Creek EPIC Trail System expansion

A Project of Susquehanna Area Mountain Bike Association

$ 2700.00 raised of $ 15000.00

SAMBA’s vision for the expansion would provide access to trails from local towns, connectivity to the Lykens Valley Rail Trail and double current trail mileage by establishing trail connections for future trail development within Weiser State Forest.
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