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2017 IMBA Membership Dues

Membership Dues Increase Q&A

Question: Why are Basic Individual Membership dues increasing?
Answer: Three reasons.

  1. First, the last time dues increased was in 2009. The cost of living has increased almost 13% since then.
  2. Second, for every dollar that IMBA retains from chapter members' dues, IMBA reinvests over $2 back to your chapter's region through: 
    • The dues share directly to the chapter
    • Regional staff costs 
    • Regional events such as summits, and 
    • National events such as Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day.
    This reinvestment does not include the grants chapters receive from IMBA, Trail Care Crew visits, or the membership fulfillment costs IMBA incurs.  A dues increase will help free money to expand our capacity to create, enhance and protect great riding opportunities.
  3. Finally, joining your local IMBA chapter is the most effective way for you to build and maintain the amazing trails you love to ride. Your membership dues support your local chapter's work as well as IMBA's efforts nationwide.  

Question: How much will Basic Individual Membership dues increase?
Answer: Basic Individual Membership dues are planned to increase from $30 to $35 effective January 4, 2016. 

Question: Will I be able to renew prior to the Basic Individual Membership dues increase?
Answer: Yes. The Basic Individual Membership dues amount is planned to increase on January 4, 2016. We encourage members to take advantage of the current dues structure prior to any increase. Members who renew their Basic Individual Membership prior to its expiration date extend their expiration date by a full year.

Question: Will I have other options than just a dues increase?
Answer: Yes. On November 4, 2015 IMBA will introduce auto-renew, a new membership processing service.  

Question: Are there any changes planned to the current premium membership offers?
Answer: No. These offers start at $50 for an Individual Membership and include the option of a free pair of IMBA socks at this level.

Question: Is the Youth/Student Membership for those 18 and under $20 dues amount changing too?
Answer: No.

Question: Is the Basic Family Membership $50 dues amount changing too?
Answer: No. There are plans to introduce a true family membership option in 2016. More details will be announced at a later date.

Question: Will I have a chance to comment on these proposed changes?
Answer: Absolutely. The member comment period is from November 4, 2015 through November 27, 2015. IMBA will review the comments and announce any plan changes on December 1, 2015.

Question: Just 5 bucks? Really?
Answer: Yes, really just 5 bucks. While many of our members already choose to give above and beyond our basic membership dues amount, this is a case of a little helping a lot. If you think this too much of an increase, just think, for less than the price of that extra post ride Coke and burger. And, if you think it too low, it was a typo on the email, so now we have to roll with it. Seriously, thank you for supporting IMBA!

Auto-Renewing Membership Q&A

Question: How do I sign up for auto-renew?
Answer: On each join or renew page, just below the select box for Membership Type and Level, there is a checkbox labelled "Please renew my membership automatically." By checking that box, your membership will renew automatically one year from the date you join or renew.

Question: When will my credit card be charged?
Answer: Your credit card will be initially charged when you join or renew and sign up for an auto-renewing membership and then annually starting one year from that date. Note: if you have an existing membership and choose to auto-renew, your membership will be updated to auto-renew each year. If your existing membership expires on a different date then you are renewing and choosing to auto-renew, your credit card will be charged on the date you renew and then annually starting one year from that date, not on the expiry date of the membership.

Question: Can I set up my account to auto-renew the membership I paid for months ago without renewing it now?
Answer: Unfortunately not. Auto-renew is tied to the specific transaction and can't be made retro-active. The auto-renewing membership must be paid for by credit card, the transaction must be current, and must be approved by our credit card processing company in order for the auto-renewing membership to be created.

Question: What happens if my credit card is cancelled or replaced?
Answer: IMBA does not store your credit card information on its servers, rather all credit card information is securely stored with our payment processor. Due to this layer of security if your credit card is lost, stolen, or replaced for any reason and you need to update the credit card number on your auto-renewing membership, please contact IMBA staff directly to do so prior to your payment anniversary date. However, if a member fails to keep his/her credit card information current causing the auto-renew to fail, the member must renew at the current dues rate in effect at the time the renewal failed. 

Question: How does auto-renew work in regards to the membership dues increase?
Answer. Auto-renew will permit members to “lock into” the current Basic Individual Membership dues amount or any other basic membership or premium level. Members who join or renew and choose to auto-renew their membership on the form will always pay the dues rate in effect as of that date. Thus, a member who joins or renews their Basic Individual Membership prior to the dues increase will be charged the current dues rate scheduled at time of renewal and annually thereafter.