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Insurance for Chapters and Supporting Organizations


General Liability Insurance

These opportunities are the preferred commercial general liability policies for IMBA chapters & supporting organizations

Organizations will need to be current and up to date with IMBA, then visit the link or download and complete the application to the respective company. Please consult with each company and get legal council if needed to help you determine which option is best for you.  Chapters and supporting organizations should expect to comply and adhere to oversight from IMBA with regard to broader risk management practices including MOU/land agency agreements language, indemnification language, waivers, etc.


Option 1

IMBA Club & Chapter Insurance by Nicholas Hill Group, Inc. - Premiums start at just $575 per year and are based on the number of active chapter/club members.  Coverage includes General Liability, Participant Accident Medical and Products/Completed Operations*.  Optional coverage also available, including Directors & Officers Liability Insurance, Event Insurance and more*. 

To view plan details or to apply for coverage, please visit or call 1-877-303-2050.

*Plans not available in all areas.  Coverage includes certain exclusions and limitations.  Please contact the Nicholas Hill Group, Inc. at 1-877-303-2050 for plan availability and coverage details.


Option 2

Pachner & Associates, LLC is a small retail insurance broker specializing in wilderness recreation, nature & outdoor education, environmental conservation and research organizations. They have experience writing insurance on trail associations and trail clubs, including a wide range of IMBA clubs for Commercial General Liability, Directors & Officers Liability, Crime Insurance, Equipment Coverage and any other insurance needs.

Contact principal Don Pachner or trail club customer service representative Seth Brewer toll free at
888-582-4884 or outdoors [at] pachner [dot] info.  Web site at

Option 3

Associated Agencies, Inc. represents a major national recreational insurance program as well as local providers across all 50 states.

Contact Lee Lazar at
847-427-3487 or 312-402-8237 llazar [at] associated [dot] cc 
Web site at