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IMBA welcomes outdoor recreation advocate to its Board of Directors

IMBA welcomes outdoor recreation advocate to its Board of Directors

New board member brings her experience of balancing outdoor recreation and conservation

Michelle Zimmerman in the Breck Epic mountain bike race

Media contact: Eleanor Blick
IMBA Director of Communications
(729) 900-4622

(Boulder, Colo., January 4, 2022)—Mountain biker and outdoor recreation advocate Michelle Zimmerman joins the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) as a member of its Board of Directors. Zimmerman is the Director of Development for SunShare Community Solar, a solar photovoltaic developer based in Denver. She brings to IMBA years of experience in outdoor recreation and non-profit.

Before working in the solar industry, Zimmerman was the Executive Director of two land conservation organizations. From 2012 to 2020, Zimmerman served on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission representing recreation and non-profits. In her time on the Commission, she worked on getting mountain bikers access to state parks. She was also instrumental in helping the Parks and Wildlife Commission strike a balance between the regulatory nature of recreation management and natural resource conservation on public lands.

Biking was a big part of Zimmerman’s childhood. She considers her time on a banana-seat kid’s bike jumping farm ditches in the 80’s as the beginning of her mountain biking career. She has been racing for Team Yeti Beti since 2010.

According to Zimmerman, riding a bike is vital medicine in her life and is a way to stay connected to the amazing cycling community.

“I like fun. Riding bikes is generally fun. It requires some work and endurance, some crashes and recovery, but for the most part it puts a giant smile on my face and introduces me to some fantastic people. Joining the IMBA is an incredible opportunity to advance the fun and I’m looking forward to the work to come,” she said.

Zimmerman joins the IMBA Board of Directors as a 14th member, along with Mike Cachat, Chris Conroy, Howard Fischer, Ximena Florez, Jessica Kelleher, Andrew Kempe, Jessica Klodnicki, Bill Miller, Alden Philbrick, Luther Propst, Ernie Rodriguez, Jazmin Varela Solis, and David Zimberoff.


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