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Dig In Summer Projects Launch, Highlighting Five New Opportunities for Mountain Biking

Dig In Summer Projects Launch, Highlighting Five New Opportunities for Mountain Biking

IMBA and Shimano Bridge the Gap Between Local and Nationwide Fundraising

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BOULDER, Colo. (July 11, 2023) – Shimano and the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) announce the mountain bike trail projects selected for the current Dig In fundraising period, running July – September. Selected IMBA Local Partner organizations will utilize the Dig In platform to raise funds for projects that aim to expand trails and trail access in communities across the US. Each project will unlock a match from Shimano when it reaches $5,000 in donations. Learn about the Dig In program on the IMBA website.

The Dig In projects open to funding this July – September period aim to raise a total of $92k for associated trail projects. Factoring in the Shimano matching funds, that pushes the potential funding for trails above six figures. In addition to the matching funds available, the wide regional and even national audiences the Dig In campaign reaches have consistently helped boost project funding during previous campaigns. 

"We're excited to be able to continue this grant program," said IMBA's Director of Local Programs, Anthony Duncan. "Dig In not only provides an opportunity to multiply individual contributions through the Shimano match promise, but it gives our Local Member Organizations an opportunity to tell their stories from their unique perspectives and generate support and buy-in directly from within their communities."

Since the Dig In program was launched in 2017, 52 projects across the US have been selected to participate. The local leaders, working with support from IMBA and Shimano, have raised collectively over $218,000, received matching funds worth over $91,000, and leveraged over $2 million for local trails. Dig In creates a leg up for detailed fund development and trail planning, and unlocks critical funding for trail projects at any stage of the building cycle.

To be considered for the program, prospective Dig In projects must take place on public lands. Each project should create impacts including substantial increases in trail access, improved mountain bike experiences, and greater community benefits. Certain trail project features receive priority status during the selection process. These characteristics include: community development; volunteer recruitment and training; new rider development; youth riding; engaging historically marginalized communities; and improving equity and inclusion and increasing diversity on trails. 

Learn more about the summer projects and their lasting impacts. 

Summer 2023 Dig In Projects:

Landfill to Community Trails: Sunset Park- Waynesboro, VA

Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition is working to fundraise $15,000 to contribute to the cost of the professional design and construction of 4.5 new miles beginner and intermediate-level singletrack mountain bike trails in downtown Waynesboro. Significantly, this effort will bring more trails close to home and breathe new life into a parcel of land that was once a landfill with an open burn pit, reclaiming the space for healthy community recreation. 

Hurkey Creek Restoration- Jurupa Valley, CA

Coachella Valley Mountain Bike Association is working to fundraise $15,000 to begin the process of restoring the mountain bike trails at Hurkey Creek, an area devastated by wildfires. This trail restoration effort will bring mountain biking back to the area once used by riders from all over southern CA, and will jump-start the development of beginner and intermediate-level trails, inviting youth racing and welcoming riders of all abilities to ride at Hurkey Creek.

Volunteer Super Series- Washington, D.C.

Mid Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts are raising funds to support a Volunteer Super Series, aimed at providing equitable access to essential trainings for MORE volunteers, attracting diverse volunteers to be trained as MORE ride leaders and trail liaisons; and at creating a more vibrant and well-equipped Mid-Atlantic mountain biking community through strategic, trail- and community-centered engagement.

Rocky Branch Park: Advanced Zone Trails- Belmont, NC

Tarheel Trailblazers are working to fundraise $25,000 to complete the final phase of a progressive, modern trail system which will connect communities, contribute to conservation, and drive economic development by providing beginner, intermediate, and advanced mountain bike trails in Gaston County.

Heritage Trails MTB Park- Phase 3 (Skills Area)- West Bend, WI 

Metro Mountain Bikers, with collaborative partners, are working to raise $21,000 in funds to complete the phase 3 Skills Area of the Heritage Trails project, creating a progressive, flow-style mountain bike destination in Washington County, WI. Funds will be used to pay for professional design, professional construction labor, and high-quality building materials, sourced locally. 


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Shimano media contact: Kristen Legan
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