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Kate Noelke

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Kate grew up on the backwaters of the Mississippi River biking, paddling, and wandering through the beauty of the Driftless Region of SW Wisconsin. She loves to make and share food she's grown or foraged, and believes all bodies belong on bikes (and wandering trails via whichever mode of movement one prefers). Kate started her career guiding paddling trips throughout the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore; taught and worked in public health in higher education; and continues to make strong connections between human wellbeing and inclusive, accessible outdoor spaces. Kate has over two decades of experience in outdoor recreation advocacy and storytelling. She is not the fastest or most daring mountain biker on our team, but she rides every day and the joy she derives from being in the woods on two wheels is visceral. These days, you can find her riding trails and volunteering in and around the Arkansas Hills (Tenderfoot Mountain) and Methodist Mountain trail systems in Salida, CO.

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Kate Noelke

Communications & Advocacy Specialist