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Join IMBA in Support of Oregon Wild’s Devil’s Staircase Wilderness

Public Lands Initiative Campaign

The Devil’s Staircase waterfall in Oregon’s coastal rainforest is a sight only accessed by a full day’s trek. The remoteness of this area makes it the perfect candidate for Oregon Wild and U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio's (D-OR) Wilderness bill, H.R. 2888 Devil's Staircase Wilderness Act of 2009. DeFazio is sympathic to the needs of mountian bicyclists and is a great friend to cyclists both on and off road.  The bill does not include any mountain biking trials and the slopes are much to steep for any future trails. Which presents the perfect opportunity for IMBA and the mountain biking community to offer our support in protection of our serene public lands.

Call to Action!

Sign IMBA's petition in support of the Devil's Staircase wilderness and help protect this serene environment. Be on the look out for action alerts and news released about how you can support Devil’s Staircase. Don’t miss your chance to weigh in!

IMBA has offered full support of this proposal. Read IMBA’s letter of support.

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