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IMBA Local

We are excited to share the new IMBA Local Program with you. IMBA Local is an evolution of the successful Chapter Program and offers many of the same services and resources your organization needs to accomplish your mission. Traditionally, under the Chapter Program, mountain biking advocacy organizations were either a chapter or not. Those who chose to become a Chapter received assistance and resources from IMBA while organizations not part of the program received less assistance. IMBA Local provides our partners and other organizations with a variety of options to engage with IMBA in an effort to serve all mountain bikers in all communities.

This new program allows for better Local member engagement, allows IMBA to concentrate on delivering high quality resources and assistance to participating organizations and provides additional funding for your group to purchase services from the program via an a la carte style menu so they pay for only what they need. 

What is New in the IMBA Local Program?

Organizational Participation

The IMBA Local program will offer four levels of engagement: Chapters, Co-branded Affiliates, White-label Affiliates, and Supporting Organizations. Each level of participation offers a variety of options that allows for your organization to receive only the resources you need. We know from our previous Chapter Program that a one-size-fits-all model doesn't work. For example, startup organizations have different needs and varying levels of capacity than more established organizations, particularly those with paid staff positions. This multi-level framework allows your organization to target the resources that are best suited to help you gain more access and build more trails in your community.


For nearly thirty years IMBA has been a membership-based organization. That membership model was integrated into the Chapter Program where IMBA and partner Chapters shared membership. As part of the new program IMBA will no longer have a shared memberships with participating Local organizations. Instead IMBA will charge a flat fee per member per year to cover member processing costs. This eliminates confusion on what a shared membership is and provides an opportunity for members to be more connected to their local advocacy group and their mission. This model also allows IMBA to concentrate on national-level issues while delivering high quality resources and assistance to organizations. This model will also provide additional funding to Local organizations to allow them to purchase services from the program via an a la carte style menu, so they pay for only what they need.


In past years IMBA divided the country into large areas called “regions”. These regional lines were largely arbitrary and provided a way to organize field staff. IMBA Local redefines what a region is and what it means to be a part of a region.

A region, as defined by IMBA Local, is a coalition of organizations who agree to organize either at the state level or at a regional level. This organizational structure will provide a more streamlined and effective advocacy strategy for addressing and influencing state-level and/or regional issues.

Requirements to be a region under IMBA Local include:

  • A minimum of six participating organizations must be engaged with IMBA Local at one of the three levels. Additional regional organizational participation can be at the region council’s discretion.

  • A region will have formal agreement among participating organizations. IMBA will provide a framework for this agreement if needed, but regions are to outline the details of the inner workings of the relationship

  • Hold quarterly calls/meetings at a minimum (more is recommended)

  • Establish goals for the region/state

  • Designate roles within the region leadership and liaison dedicated to IMBA Local Program Manager

  • Obtain CRM training

The IMBA Local Program Manager will assist organizations with facilitating the formation of a region if needed.

IMBA will provide opportunities for region representatives to provide feedback and recommendations to IMBA leadership. Organizations who are part of a region and utilize IMBA’s Membership and Retention service will receive a discount on membership processing fees.

Services and benefits

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Membership Acquisition and Retention

IMBA Local Chapters and co-branded Affiliates will receive assistance and resources in an effort to help grow the membership base and make it easy for members to renew. Included in this service is participation in IMBA’s two membership drives, materials, email reminders of renewal date, premium fulfillment of membership at certain levels and inclusion in the Retail Program to include IMBA’s and the organization’s retail partners.

501(c)(3) Filing

IMBA Local organizations participating at the Chapter level will be able to utilize IMBA’s group 501(c)(3) tax filing exemption. This filing allows for Chapters to apply for public/private grant funding, allows Chapters to solicit charitable donations from the public and usually exempts the Chapter from similar state and local taxes. An addendum to the IMBA Local Service Agreement will be added to reflect this option. Should a Chapter decide to change to an Affiliate level then that organization will no longer be able to utilize the tax exemption.


IMBA is providing a robust educational platform that will aggregate 30 years of advocacy and trail building experience into one location called IMBA University. This service will include shareable resources, self-navigating educational tracks and webinars and fee-based webinars with discounts available for Local organizations at different levels. Some topics included within IMBA University are Chapter Governance, Fundraising, Government Relations, and Trailbuilding.

Volunteer Management Software

IMBA is working with partners to provide Local participating organizations with powerful volunteer management software. Software features include volunteer signup, mobile app, state-by-state volunteer contribution calculation, volunteer messaging and many more.


CyclelifeHQ is bicycle travel and tourism digital platform, a sort of Travelocity for mountain biking communities. This software allows IMBA Local organizations to provide value to their retail partners by promoting their local services to mountain bikers looking for destination riding.

Professional Services

Organizations and partners, regardless of their engagement with IMBA Local, will have access to IMBA’s expert professionals as a fee-based service. This fee varies based on the level of engagement with IMBA and extends to partners and organizations not affiliated with the IMBA Local program. This service will be a separate contracted service and managed by the IMBA Local team. Professional Services include Chapter Governance/Strategic Planning, Grant writing/Fundraising, Trail Planning/Design/Construction and Government Relations/Policy.

Custom Apparel

IMBA Local Chapters will have access to IMBA’s apparel partners to offer branded clothing to their membership and partners. 

IMBA Retail Program

The Retail Program is separate from IMBA Local, but integrates by allowing IMBA’s and the Local organization’s partners to offer a free trial membership to new and beginning riders at no cost to the local organization. This program is designed to introduce new riders to the great work Local organizations are doing in their communities and grow membership.

IMBA Store/Marketplace

The IMBA Marketplace functions as an aggregated collection of IMBA’s corporate partners that offer customizable discounts to our Local organizations’ loyal members. Members can log in to with their membership credentials to access information about discount codes and deals from brands like Headsweats, BikeFlights, Orange Mud, Flat Tire Defender, Athletic Events Supply and Bike Fixation.


IMBA continues to work with MTBProject to bring exclusive content and services to participating Local organizations. This includes, but not limited to, providing Model Trail designations to the mapping platform allowing for users to search for trails based on their designation and connecting users to the local IMBA Local organizations through the website and app.

Dig In Campaign

IMBA’s Dig In Campaign is designed to help bring national attention and funding to trail projects across the country. The program is focused around a crowd-sourced funding website soliciting public support and leverages industry dollars raised by IMBA’s development team. The team continues to work with the corporate partner network to secure even more grant dollars. Also available is an industry kickback purchase program that will provide additional support for Dig In projects. 

For more information on IMBA Local and how your organization may want to participate, contact anthony [dot] duncan [at] imba [dot] com (Anthony Duncan), IMBA Local Program Manager.



What is the new revenue share model for the program?

IMBA will no longer have a shared membership with Local organizations. Instead IMBA will charge a flat fee per member per year to cover member processing costs. Organizations who are not part of an organized region will be charged $15 per member per year. Organizations that are part of an organized region will pay $12 per member per year.  This allows for better member engagement for a community’s Local organization, frees up IMBA to concentrate on delivering high quality resources and assistance to organizations and provides participating organizations with additional funding to purchase services from the program via an a la carte style menu so organizations pay for only what they need.

Will IMBA still handle my membership needs?

Yes. The new program will still offer organizations membership processing, acquisition and retention services.

What will happen to my Region Director?

Region Directors were expensive and inefficient. Traditionally an RD was given a large territory and was expected to be a jack-of-all-trades of sorts. The new program provides access to more and better expert assistance from all of IMBA’s departments.

What is the cost to join IMBA Local?

The cost to join IMBA Local will vary depending on your organization's level of participation. There will be a one time fee of $200 to integrate your organization into the program. This covers the cost of merging your contacts into IMBA's database for membership acquisition and retention services, setting up your 501c3 should you need it, setting up your organization's information into the addiitonal services and apps that are part of the program. 

How will I get my membership money?
It will be the same as now; each quarter IMBA will subtract the membership processing fee and send the remainder to the chapters.
How do I pay for other services?
Either at the beginning of the year or when the service is performed
When can I get started with IMBA local?
The program will be available on January 1, 2018 to begin the new membership processing model with select organizations and the additional services available the second quarter of 2018. The remaining organizations will be available to enroll in the program beginning second quarter of 2018.