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Local Support Services

Local Support Service Options

The program offers two service options for organizations: Chapter Support services and Affiliate Support services.


Daily administrative tasks plus the software and people needed to accomplish these tasks can be expensive and time consuming. The IMBA Local Program helps address these challenges within organizations by providing admin services like membership management, communication software, volunteer recruitment and management software, insurance discounts and other support services. All services are chosen to help advocacy and stewardship organizations be more efficient and effective.

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Administrative Support
Membership Acquisition and Retention  
Event Management Software
Volunteer Management Software  
501(c)(3) Fiscal Agency  
Insurance Discounts
Human Resources/PEO Services  
Advocacy Support
IMBA Co-Branding
Trails Count Grant Program
Dig In Program
Educational Support
Online Learning Tools




Administrative Support

Membership Acquisition and Retention - Our Membership Acquisition and Retention services help ease the management of your organization’s membership activities to free up the time and resources needed to create more trails and volunteer support in your community. IMBA can process and manage your organization’s memberships for a flat fee of $15 per member per year (discounts available for Regional coalitions). These are not the joint IMBA-chapter memberships of the past. This service allows more dollars to stay with local groups for local trails and ensures long-term support for your members.

Included in IMBA Membership Acquisition and Retention Services is a dashboard tailored to your organization that includes: 

  • Graphs and data related to your membership numbers and dollars
  • Email communication tools for the entire membership life cycle and for general communication with your contact database
  • Email sign-up tools
  • Management of your organization’s leadership structure
  • And more...

Also included is access to premium membership fulfillment and membership benefits through ExpertVoice and others, plus access to two yearly membership drives. The Spring and Fall membership drives provide incentives from industry partners like Yeti, Pivot, JensonUSA, Shower’s Pass, BikeFlights and Western Spirits and include marketing materials and training to help you recruit and retain members.

IMBA’s processing fee for each member covers the cost of membership management and benefits and is reinvested into the Local Program to provide more tools and resources for your organization.

Event Management Software - IMBA Local Partners will have access to the SimpleTix platform to help create and manage events. This software allows you to take money for events and includes options for additional donations to your organization during checkout with no additional charge to you.

Volunteer Management Software - IMBA has partnered with Golden Volunteer to provide Local organizations with a robust and flexible volunteer management platform to help better communicate with volunteers, manage volunteer opportunities and gather data on volunteer work. Download the mobile app to find volunteer opportunities in your area, or click below to find out how your group can engage with Golden Volunteer.

Data gathered from this program and from the available tracking software will provide powerful information that can be used for advocacy efforts on the local, state and federal levels and can be beneficial in grant reporting requirements and proposals.

501(c)(3) Fiscal Agency - IMBA Local Partners can utilize IMBA’s group 501(c)(3) tax filing exemption. This filing allows for Partners to apply for public/private grant funding, allows your organization to solicit charitable donations from the public and usually exempts the Chapter from similar state and local taxes. The fee for Affiliate-level Partners utilizing IMBA's 501(c)(3) is a minimum of $500, up from the $250 minimum required of other Affiliate-level Partners.

In order to remain 501(c)(3) compliant, the Partner must file a 990 with the IRS each year.

Human Resources/PEO Services - Hiring and maintaining paid staff can come with a lot of overhead administrative tasks and can be a barrier to having professional staff. IMBA can help with developing job descriptions, candidate recruiting, benefits, payroll, and the other tasks associated with hiring and managing staff.

Insurance Discounts - Insurance can be a large line item in your organization’s budget and can also fall short of what your organization actually needs. Through the IMBA Local Program, your organization will have access to insurance prices and products not available to other organizations through our partner, the Nicholas Hill Group. 

Advocacy Support

IMBA Co-branding -  IMBA’s brand is recognized and respected by nearly every land management agency in the country. For more than three decades, IMBA has been at the forefront of access, education and trail development for mountain bikes. By always leading with a professional approach, we have gained more than 100,000 miles of trails and the respect of land managers nationwide. When you become a Local Partner, we will provide you with everything you need to let your partners know that you’re affiliated with IMBA.

EveryAction Advocacy Support - National issues deserve national attention. This is where support from EveryAction comes in. IMBA utilizes collaborative partnerships with Outdoor Alliance to utilize EveryAction and makes it easy to reach out to elected officials and land managers on issues that have national implications, i.e. federal land management plans, legislation alerts such as LWCF funding support, and more.

Trails Count Grant Program - IMBA has partnered with Eco Counter to provide Local Chapters with a robust and flexible trail counter program to help with trail advocacy efforts and maintenance planning. This exclusive grant program provides access to Eco Counter hardware and software to create and implement successful counting programs. Also provided is guidance and assistance from the professionals at Eco Counter.

Data gathered from this program and from the available tracking software will provide powerful information that can be used for advocacy efforts on the local, state, and federal levels and can be beneficial in grant reporting requirements and proposals.

Dig In Program - IMBA’s new Dig In Campaign will provide an avenue for raising funds for mountain bike projects nationwide. IMBA can leverage its reach and relationships to provide grant opportunities via corporate partner dollars and run a national marketing campaign. The goal is to bridge the gap between local and national fundraising efforts, and show a new audience how inspirational and vital trails are to local riders and communities.

Educational Support

Online Learning Tools - IMBA utilizes online learning options that provide training for you and your volunteers, structured around organizational effectiveness. This training includes courses on building a better and more effective board of directors, creating and sustaining a volunteer coordinator position, creating and implementing funding plans, and much more. 

Webinars - Each year IMBA Local Partners can attend webinar series' aimed at providing real-world examples and guidance to help you meet your mission. Past webinars have included volunteer management and software implementation training, fundraising planning and implementation training, and membership marketing training.


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