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Watch this brief video for a great overview of what a chapter is and what the benefits are.

What is the IMBA chapter program?

The chapter program is IMBA’s initiative to create a unified voice for mountain bikers. Simply put, the mountain bike movement is stronger when local and national organizations work in tandem to create great trail experiences. IMBA has the professional full-time staff, the database capabilities and the institutional knowledge to make an impact, while local clubs have the relationships and (most importantly) the trails. Together, we can increase access and bring more people to the ride!

The chapter program is based on joint membership; one renewal, one card, one voice. To achieve this, IMBA will handle all the back office processes of joining, reducing administrative burdens and providing chapters with the tools for success. These include:

  • Joint membership: membership merge between IMBA and clubs, co branding on merchandise, fulfillment and customer service.
  • Chapters will have access to IMBA’s data management via CiviCRM. This will allow contact management, membership and contribution automation, mass emails, reports, etc.
  • Organizational support: sample bylaws, policy manual – how to manage volunteers, tax filing assistance, accounting assistance, preference in grant making and support, IMBA staff support.

What services are provided to chapters?

For our chapters, IMBA staff will turn the cranks of the membership services machine by running print and online campaigns for new membership acquisition and current membership renewals, sending membership and donation fulfillment packages including thank you letter, benefit offers, membership card and premium product, providing email, phone and mail customer service support to members, and offering graphic design services to ensure a professional IMBA/Chapter co-branding of all communications and services.

On the software side, the chapter program offers clubs an online, database driven Constituency Relationship Manager (CRM). The CRM provides a comprehensive set of software tools for running a nonprofit club. From the web-based CRM interface, a club administrator can manage the contact information of individuals, families and organizations, organize those contacts with groups and tags, track memberships and contributions, run online email campaigns, and export contact and transaction information for offline communications and financial reporting.

  • Membership services provided by IMBA
    • New member acquisition
    • Current member renewals
    • Membership thank you letter, membership card, benefit offers and premium fulfillment
    • Graphic design and integration services
    • Full customer service
  • Constituency Relationship Manager platform for chapters
    • Manage individual, family, and organizational contacts
    • Track interactions and their relationships
    • Groups and tags
    • Track memberships and donations
    • Manage communications and email campaigns
    • Chapter Leader Forum
  • Online Tools for joint IMBA/chapter members
    • Online membership signup/renewal forms
    • Member account “self-service” center
    • Chapter account “self-service” center

Is my club a good candidate to become an IMBA chapter?


IMBA is looking for clubs that are aligned with our core mission, and that have qualities such as:

  • Know what the club’s goals are and have ideas about how to achieve them
  • Have leadership and a board that’s in agreement and is motivated to unite

My club is interested — what do we do next?

Contact your IMBA Regional Director