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Chapter and Regional Development

There are two ways in which a local group can associate with IMBA; 1) as a stand alone Supporting Organization, and 2) as a Chapter. IMBA chapters are our local affiliates— they are more closely connected to IMBA and have an increased level of support for sustaining the local group's infrastructure including joint membership, e.g., the chapter's members are also automatically members of IMBA. Watch this brief video for a great overview of what a chapter is and what the benefits are. A club is a supporting organization of IMBA. SA supporting organization's members would need to join IMBA separately in addition to joining the local Supporting Organization.

IMBA Supporting Organizations build trails, organize events and advocate for bike access around the world. Your local mountain bike organization can join IMBA's network—or renew your partnership—sign up at the Supporting Organization Membership page.

IMBA Chapters have taken the next step in aligning with IMBA and unifying a world wide mountain biking movement. The U.S.-based Chapter Program features joint memberships that allow individuals to join IMBA and their local organization with single membership.

Chapter development is coordinated by IMBA's Regional Directors. These IMBA paid professional staffers operate in distinct territories — currently IMBA has regional staff positions in the Great Lakes, Pacific, Rocky Mountain, Upper Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Southeast and Southwest regions of the USA. Send a message to info [at] imba [dot] com to learn more. Additionally, Regional Leadership Advisory Councils coordinate our efforts and expand our reach by working closely with the Regional Directors.

IMBA Regional Directors

  • Northeast Regional Director, position temporarily vacant
  • Steve Schneider, South Central Regional Director, steve [dot] schneider [at] imba [dot] com
  • Hansi Johnson, Midwest Regional Director, hansi [dot] johnson [at] imba [dot] com
  • Patrick Kell, Southwest Regional Director, patrick [dot] kell [at] imba [dot] com
  • Anna Laxague, Pacific Northwest Regional Director, anna [dot] laxague [at] imba [dot] com
  • Frank Maguire, Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, frank [dot] maguire [at] imba [dot] com
  • Tom Sauret, Southeast/SORBA Regional Director, tom [dot] sauret [at] imba [dot] com
  • Jason Bertolacci, Colorado and Wyoming Regional Director, jason [dot] bertolacci [at] imba [dot] com
  • Tom Ward, NorCal Regional Director, tom [dot] ward [at] imba [dot] com
  • Andy Williamson, Great Lakes Regional Director, andy [dot] williamson [at] imba [dot] com


The interactive map below contains information about existing IMBA chapters.

IMBA's chapter development program is supported in large part by a generous grant from the SRAM Cycling Fund.

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