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Authors of Trail Development Guide Share More

Authors of Trail Development Guide Share More

Trail EAffect podcast interviews leaders in the trail development field

Posted: November 7, 2023
Man wearing sunglasses and a black button down shirt addresses a group of people at a trail education event

Trail EAffect is a show that dives into the stories behind trails, the communities that embrace trails, and the people who rely on trails as a way of life by interviewing the personalities involved with the world of Trails and Mountain Biking.

Josh Blum of the Trail EAffect podcast recently interviewed folks from three of the organizations who played a part in a trail development guide published collaboratively during summer of 2023. 

  • Jake Carsten Author of the book: Mountain Bike Trail Development: Guidelines for Successfully Managing the Process
  • Mike Repyak of IMBA Trail Solutions
  • Renee Mattson of Greater Minnesota Regional Parks and Trails Commission

Check out all three episodes here, and then visit the IMBA Resource Hub to download Mountain Bike Trail Development and other helpful resources for your trail endeavors. Print copies of the guide are also available. 

About the author

George learned to enjoy and respect the outdoors through a childhood spent camping, hiking, backpacking and of course cycling. Today George lives in western NJ, where he seeks out quiet trails and back roads in the most densely populated state. Prior to joining IMBA, he practiced communications…

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