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Annual Reports & 990s

IMBA's Annual Reports

Your support is what makes this impact possible. Read about our work for trails, advocacy, education and more.

IMBA's 2022 Annual Report
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Female mountain biker on moss-covered rock drop in lichen forest
IMBA's 2021 Annual Report
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Mountain Bikers With Masks in Salt Lake City
IMBA's 2020 Annual Report
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IMBA's 2019 Annual Report
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IMBA's 2018 Annual Report
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moutnain biking in trees and fog
IMBA's 2017 Annual Report
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rocky desert trails
IMBA's 2016 Annual Report
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riding trails in the rocky mountains
IMBA's 2015 Annual Report
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sunrise mountain bike ride
IMBA's 2014 Annual Report
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riding in fall leaves and trees
IMBA's 2013 Annual Report
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group morning mountain bike ride
IMBA's 2012 Annual Report
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riding over mossy rocks
IMBA's 2011 Annual Report
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dusty group ride
IMBA's 2010 Annual Report
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riding in ferns and loam
IMBA's 2009 Annual Report
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morning ride through desert singletrack
IMBA's 2008 Annual Report
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Anchorage single track
IMBA's 2007 Annual Report
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IMBA's 990s

Take a deeper dive into the numbers year over year.

Two riders riding on a trail lined with wildflowers, toward a high alpine mountain in the distance
IMBA's 2022 990
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Photo courtesy of: Eric Acre
Youth rider in foreground hitting a jump on a kid-sized-bike in a full-face helmet; adult rider in background simultaneously jumping alongside
IMBA's 2021 990
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Photo courtesy of: Eric Acre
IMBA's 2020 990
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IMBA's 2019 990
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desert singletrack mountain biking
IMBA's 2018 990
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backcountry adventure mountain bike trail
In 2017 IMBA finalized incorporation in Colorado and closed its California incorporation. The Colorado filing starts on page 33.
IMBA's 2017 990
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rocky southeast group trail ride
In 2016 IMBA was in the process of incorporating in Colorado and filed in Colorado and California. The Colorado filing starts on page 45.
IMBA's 2016 990
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northwest mountain bike river crossing
IMBA's 2015 990
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southwest weekend group mountain bike ride
IMBA's 2014 990
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rocky alpine mountain bike ride
IMBA's 2013 990
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mountain biking in meadow of wildflowers
IMBA's 2011 990
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pump track berm shredding
IMBA's 2010 990
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