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Save Federal Funding for Bicycling

July 8, 2011

Federal funding for bicycling and walking is in jeopardy. We need you to send a short email today to your members of Congress.

Congressman John Mica of Florida, Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, has outlined his plans for the new transportation bill and called for the elimination of dedicated funding for biking and walking programs, which he suggested, “do not serve a federal purpose.”

In the Senate, James Inhofe of Oklahoma is leading a similar attack. Inhofe, a senior member of the Environment and Public Works Committee, said that one of his top-three priorities for the next multi-year federal transportation bill is to eliminate “frivolous spending for bike trails.”

If Representative Mica and Senator Inhofe get their way, dedicated funding for three crucial programs — Safe Routes to School, Transportation Enhancements, and Recreational Trails — will be eliminated. The cost-effective federal investment in bicycling that is making our nation better will disappear.  Chairman Mica’s statement that these uses remain “eligible” for funding is worthless: without dedicated funding for these three programs they are effectively eliminated.. We can’t allow this to happen.

Things on the Senate side are not much better. Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), a lead negotiator in the Senate debate, declared that one of his TOP THREE priorities for the transportation bill is to eliminate “frivolous spending for bike trails.”  Senator Inhofe’s comments mean funding for bicycling and pedestrian programs is at risk of total elimination.

That’s why we are asking you to reach out to the two U.S. Senators and the U.S. Representative who represent you in Congress.

Take Action! Support ongoing, dedicated funding for biking and walking in the next transportation bill.

Why does this matter to mountain bikers?

The Recreational Trails Program is incredibly valuable to mountain bikers in the U.S. No federal funding source comes close to creating the trail opportunities that RTP puts on the ground in all 50 states. With 15,000 projects nationwide more than likely one of your favorite trails was funded in part by RTP.

Your brief message will make a difference. You can help refute Representative Mica’s and Senator Inhofe’s unreasonable, counterproductive cuts. You can help assure that progress will continue in all 50 states to make bicycling safer and better for people of all ages.

Thanks for your support and your quick response to this call to action

Please contact your Senators and Representatives TODAY.



This advocacy effort is part of IMBA's Public Lands Initiative.