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Trail Development Self Assessment

Do you have 10 or more miles of trail in your community?

Do you have more than one area/network of trails open to bikes?

Trail Variety and Amenities
Select all that apply.
Select all that apply.
Do your trails receive regular maintenance?

Are public funds used to support MTB trail maintenance and/or development of new trails?

Does the community actively engage in fundraising for MTB trail maintenance, enhancement, and/or development, with other partners (e.g. public private partnerships, community events, etc.)?

Policy and Planning
Is there a MTB trail management plan in place which addresses maintenance, risk management, closures, etc.?

Is there a paid staff member at a community agency responsible for MTB trails?

Is the community working with neighboring agencies (e.g. USFS, BLM, state parks, etc.) for land access for planning new MTB trails?

Community Engagement
Does the community normally host MTB events and festivals?

Does the community use the MTB trails to host programs (e.g. learn to ride, skills development, etc.) for local youth and/or underserved populations?

Local Business Involvement
Is there a bike shop serving mountain bikers in your community?

Does the shop rent high-quality mountain bikes?

Does your community have an outfitter that runs tours or shuttles?

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