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Cedar City Foundations Scholarship Application 2023

Cedar City Foundations Scholarship 2023

In order to apply for a scholarship for the Cedar City Trail Labs Foundations October 10-12, 2023 please complete the following application. The primary aim of this scholarship program is to draw individuals from the Colorado River Basin, Tribal Nations/Native American Tribes, and other Southwestern communities. All applications are welcomed and will be reviewed and decided on a rolling basis. 

Contact Information
Are you a member of a Tribal Nation or Native American Tribe? If so, which?
Has anyone from your community previously attended a Foundations workshop?
Does your community have any cycling initiatives for youth? (This could include school programs, NICA/Youth Leagues, a bike providing non-profit etc..) If so, let us know how it has been received, involvement, and/or goals. 
Please explain why mountain biking is important to your community, or could be:
What do you hope to gain or learn by attending Trail Labs Foundations? How will this help your community reach its goals?