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SORBA-CSRA maintains approximately 150 miles of trails in the Central Savannah River Area (Augusta, GA and McCormick, Edgefield, Aikem SC). SORBA-CSRA has volunteer agreements with the US Army Corps of Engineers and the United States Forest Service. The trails that SORBA-CSRA maintains are on USFS property, USACOE, City of Aiken, City of Augusta, SC and GA State Parks. SORBA-CSRA has been diligent over the past 10 years to maintain cooperative working arrangements with the land managers at all of these areas. SORBA-CSRA also works with the Boy Scouts of America and other comment groups such as the Augusta Canal Authority. Over the past 5 years, SORBA-CSRA volunteers have consistently recorded over 1000 hours of volunteer service to maintain and preserve the mountain biking trail system in the local area.

Augusta-GA and Aiken-SC

Evans, GA
Projects: 15
Events: 100
Volunteers: 80
Miles: 4 m
Summary of Reported Volunteer Hours:
Adults: 1000 hrs.
Kids: 100 hrs.
Total: 1100 hrs.
Upcoming Volunteer Events:

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