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The airborne mountain bike club was born for one single purpose, to save the fort pierce trail. The fort pierce trail is the only mountain bike in st lucie county, and easily the best trail within a 2 hour drive. As unique as the trail it is, containing both elevation and tree cover rarely found in south Florida, it has proven to be equally difficult to establish as a legal trail. The trail passed through the hands of several uncooperative land owners, has been the target of a failed purchase by the local government, and finally to fall into the possession of a developer called IDI with an office in nearby Ft Lauderdale. After 12 years of unproductive negotiating with the previous owners, the SFWMD, and the local gvmt., our worst fears materialized in the form of a fence with no trespassing signs. Just when it looked like our treasured trail was poised to disappear like so many privately owned trails have, we established a dialog with the new owners and soon had a verbal agreement allowing us temporary access. Now we also have not only a written contract, but plans are in place for the land to be donated as a park to preserve the trail forever!

Our club has made this happen by not only our never say die attitude, but by our willingness to make the necessary sacrafices. We have weathered the attacks of atv's, misguided public employees, and worst of all the dreaded rouge trailworkers.

In addition to our success working on the ftp trail, in our spare time, we also managed to create a 8mi trail in nearby Martin Co. at the Halpatiokee Regional Park and have several other prospects on the horizon.


Port St Lucie, FL
Projects: 3
Events: 4
Volunteers: 30
Miles: 12 m
Summary of Reported Volunteer Hours:
Adults: 300 hrs.
Kids: 20 hrs.
Total: 320 hrs.
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