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IMBA Trail Care Crew

Chapters, members, and partner land management agencies should reach out to the TCC regional members for local education and support. Please check back to this page or follow us on Facebook, where we will post updates on the evolution of the program.

The IMBA Trail Care Crew, on the road since 1997, is IMBA's grassroots educational program. Featuring a traveling team of two as well as eight regional members, the program offers everything from sustainable trail building schools to high-level land manager training and organizational support for chapters and clubs.

Our experts work year-round throughout the United States and beyond, meeting with IMBA Chapters/clubs, their land manager partners, and the communities they serve to improve mountain biking opportunities.

The Trail Care Crew program has inspired great volunteer trail work across the U.S. and abroad -- a big help to government agencies and land managers who have limited funding for trail construction and upkeep. As a direct result, there are now thousands of new and improved trails in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico and several European countries.

With our regional staff, visits can feature IMBA's highly-respected, one-day Trail Building School, during which the crew teaches sustainable trail building, which means building lasting trails that require minimal maintenance. This helps reduce trail damage, protects the environment and enhances visitor enjoyment.

All of the Trail Care Crew members can offer education clinics and presentations. Learn more about the Trail Care Crew education programs here!

If you require extensive trail assessment, machine training, trail planning and/or layout, please visit the IMBA Trail Solutions program for professional consulting.

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