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Oakridge (OR) Gold-level

Oakridge was designated a silver-level Ride Center in 2011. It was upgraded to gold status in 2015.

This small town styles itself as the mountain bike capital of the Northwest. The local IMBA chapter, the Greater Oakridge Area Trail Stewards—alongside other stakeholders such as the U.S. Forest Service and local bike-centered businesses—constantly works to improve the mountain bike trail options. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to sample the 30-mile Middle Fork trail, the 20-mile circuit of Waldo Lake and dozens of other high-quality options. But be sure to also leave time to sample the in-town eateries and bars that cater to the knobby-tire set.

Oakridge styles itself the mountain bike capital of the (U.S.) Northwest, and though that’s a bold claim, it has the trails and the rider experience to back it up. Early in the 20th century, locals with beards and suspenders started building an amazing network of hundreds of miles of skinny, bike-loving singletrack that winds its way through lush, green forests. As the area has transitioned away from timber harvesting, sharing these trails with wide-eyed, two-wheeled visitors has become a matter of civic pride. 

Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to sample all of Oakridge’s best including Dead Mountain Trail, an exhilarating blend of purpose-built flow trail and old-school, switchbacking singletrack that will drop you from one of the area’s most spectacular viewpoints to a trailhead that’s just a few pedal strokes from the rejuvenated old town. Add to your list the Middle Fork trail that snakes along side the river for a full 30 miles, the classic descents of the Alpine Trail and Larison Rock, the burly and beautiful Heckletooth loop and the more sedate pleasures of Salmon Creek and the North Fork trails.

Jump on a shuttle, book a tour, or pedal your way to the top with the help of the comprehensive maps and copious advice to be found at the bike store and multiple other bike friendly local businesses.