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Helena (MT) Bronze-level

Montana’s “Queen City” offers a modern day gold rush for mountain bikers. More than 70 miles of singletrack await you, including routes accessible from town, free shuttles and access to the iconic Continental Divide Trail. For short rides, try Mt. Ascension and the climb and descent from Eagle Scout to Entertainment trail. Rodney Ridge, Wakina Ridge or Mt. Helena are great options if you have a few hours to pedal.

Higher up, the MacDonald Pass portion of the Continental Divide Trail yields a beautiful backcountry experience. Further afield is the Trout Creek Canyon-Beartrap Gulch loop, where you can navigate steep limestone canyons and commune with the footprints of large, furry mammals. Helena offers a vibrant cycling scene and bike lanes throughout town, meaning you can easily enjoy a car-free mountain biking vacation.

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