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Impacts of Central Ohio Trails

Impacts of Central Ohio Trails


The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) promotes a balanced transportation system for the Central Ohio region that includes greenways and multiuse trails used by Central Ohio residents for bicycling and walking. In 2014, MORPC and the Central Ohio Greenways and Trails Group (COG) determined the need for more thorough information about the impact of trails in the region and commissioned this study, “The Impacts of Central Ohio Trails.”

To complete this study, MORPC, COG, and the research team conducted counts of trail users, intercept and online surveys of trail users, interviews of local leaders about the importance of trails in the region, analyses of property values near trails, and an analysis of the costs of trail construction and maintenance. The results show that trails provide many values to local residents and communities. Some of these values can be measured in dollars; others cannot.

Summarized most simply, Central Ohio trails enhance the lives of thousands of Central Ohio residents who travel millions of miles on them annually for recreation, fitness and health, commuting, and other purposes. Trail users value trails, visit them frequently, are satisfied with management by local agencies, and want greater connectivity for bicycling and walking throughout the region. 

This study includes the following:

  • Use of Central Ohio Trails
  • Profile of Trail Users
  • Trail User Preferences and Perspectives
  • Regional Roles of Trails
  • Perspectives of Central Ohio Leaders
  • Property Sales Near Trails
  • Regional Overview on Costs of Trails 

While the results are location-specific, they provide perspective on the value of trails and can offer a model for how to do related research in your location.

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