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Guide to IMBA Local

Guide to IMBA Local

IMBA Local
Programs and Education

IMBA Local is an evolution of the successful Chapter Program and offers many of the same services and resources your organization needs to accomplish your mission. Traditionally, under the Chapter Program, mountain biking advocacy organizations were either a chapter or not. Those who chose to become a Chapter received assistance and resources from IMBA while organizations not part of the program received little to no assistance.

IMBA Local provides partners and organizations with a variety of options to engage with IMBA in an effort to serve all mountain bikers in all communities. This new program allows for better Local member engagement, allows IMBA to concentrate on delivering high quality resources and assistance to participating organizations and provides additional funding for your group to purchase services from the program via an a la carte style menu so they pay for only what they need.

Explore the program page, first. If you're ready for a deeper dive, download this IMBA Local Welcome Kit. 

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