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eMTB Access and Management

eMTB Access and Management

General Information

IMBA believes that electric mountain bikes (eMTBs) present opportunity and challenge to traditional mountain bike access. If managed effectively, eMTBs may increase ridership and stewardship of trails. No management, poor management and misinformation, however, have the potential to jeopardize current and future access that mountain bikers, local organizations and IMBA have pursued for the past thirty years.

As the national leader in trail access and sustainable trail design, IMBA is regularly asked for guidance on how best to manage the emergence of eMTBs on local, state and federal lands by mountain bikers, local mountain biking organizations, land managers and the bicycle industry. IMBA occupies a unique position in this discussion, due to the trust it has established with these various stakeholders.  

Details about eMTB classes and information for land managers.