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IMBA Local member organizations are member-based groups focused on trails, access, rides and social events on close-to-home trails. IMBA works with IMBA Local partners to support and enhance trail building, advocacy and organizational efforts.

IMBA’s vision is to build the quality and quantity of mountain biking communities by supporting and empowering local leadership. We want to help communities build a base of knowledgeable and capable advocates and stewards.

How can you help? Support your nearest chapter, or more than one if you like – individuals can have up to 10 chapter memberships. It's an easy and rewarding way to support the team that knows your local trails.

Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers (BUMP)

The mission of the Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers (BUMP) is to BUILD, MAINTAIN, PRESERVE, and RIDE the awesome trails in the Birmingham area. Our members, riders like you, help keep the trails in great shape and open to mountain bikers from around the world to enjoy. BUMP is responsible for maintaining over 50 miles of single track trails between Oak Mountain State Park, Tannehill Historic Ironworks State Park, and Trussville Sports Complex.  We couldn't do it without the support of dedicated members like you. Being a 501c non-profit organization, BUMP depends on membership fees, donations, and volunteer hours to continue our mission.

Please note that if you donate additional money when joining or renewing through the IMBA site, that money is split between SORBA/ IMBA (60%) and BUMP (40%). 

If you wish to donate directly to BUMP please do so through our PayPal account by clicking here. 

Thank you for your support.