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Protect Ohio’s Trails and Natural Resources

Protect Ohio’s Trails and Natural Resources

Speak up to support trails and outdoor spaces statewide

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Ohio boasts 24 state forests, 143 nature preserves, 75 parks, 150 wildlife areas, and over 1,489 miles of bike trails that provide outdoor recreation spaces for millions of people across the state. Outdoor recreationists utilizing these outdoor spaces contribute $5.9 billion dollars per year to Ohio’s economy. However, deep cuts to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and Tourism Ohio budgets could drastically impact access to outdoor recreation spaces and momentum toward building more trails in Ohio. 

Hundreds of millions of dollars in capital funds from various state departments; and outdoor recreation, trail, and community organizations are currently available for building, accessing, and protecting Ohio’s outdoor recreation spaces. These funds will not be accessible if the flatline on ODNR operating funds resulting from the drastic budget cuts being proposed occurs. Further, the proposed cuts have the potential to reduce law enforcement and cause partial and complete closures of some parks and amenities.

Momentum for trail building and outdoor resource protection and access may be severely limited if the proposed cuts to the ODNR budget are not restored to “as introduced” levels. Additional funds for studying economic impact in the TourismOhio budget are also critical. 

The Ohio Mountain Bike Alliance (representing twelve MTB trail organizations from across the state) together with the Ohio Trails Partnership (advocates for horse, bike, paved, offroad, and water recreation) have come together in the statehouse to oppose the proposed budget cuts. Input from the mountain biking and outdoor recreation community can help change the course of these drastic proposed budget cuts while protecting wildlife habitat, state parks and forests, and other natural resources. Mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts who live in Ohio are encouraged to show support by opposing the changes to the budgets and submitting comments, sending letters, and/or calling your legislators on the Ohio Senate Finance and Agriculture & Natural Resources committees. 

If you are a mountain biker, hiker, angler, hunter or outdoor enthusiast who uses Ohio state parks and forests, nature preserves, wildlife areas, waterways and/or trails, your legislators need to hear from you. 

Submit your comment through the form below by June 6, 2023. Personalize your message for greater impact. Or, call your legislators on the Finance and Agriculture & Natural Resource committees today and ask them to support the ODNR.

Share this with your riding buddies, and with anglers, hikers, campers, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts who call the Buckeye State home, and help protect the budget needed to support and protect Ohio’s natural resources and trails.

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