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IMBA mountain bike destinations profiled on bicycle tourism platform, CycleLifeHQ

IMBA mountain bike destinations profiled on bicycle tourism platform, CycleLifeHQ

Mountain bikers will benefit from one-stop-shop online destination marketplace

Media contact: Eleanor Blick
IMBA Communications Manager

Media contact: Charles Black
CycleLifeHQ Chief Executive Officer

Following last year’s partnership agreement between IMBA and CycleLifeHQ, mountain bikers now have access to a complete one-stop-shop for all their destination needs: All the IMBA EPICs, and the best IMBA Ride Center destinations are now mapped out together with info on where to stay, eat and drink, where to rent a bike, take a guided tour and more.

Through the agreement, CycleLifeHQ has become IMBAs global destination marketing service partner and is quickly establishing itself as the world’s bicycle tourism marketplace.

“This partnership will amplify exposure for great mountain bike experiences and will increase visibility of mountain bike tourism. Be it an IMBA Ride Center, IMBA EPIC or an IMBA Destination partner location, CycleLifeHQ will connect more mountain bikers to these great places to ride,” said Jessica Rockson, IMBA’s Program Director. “We’re excited to help our chapters, partners and mountain bike destinations around the world reach more potential guests, increase visitation and build a steady economic model around bicycle tourism.”

CycleLifeHQ’s unique and tailored online capabilities makes it easy for cyclists to find, plan and book their next bicycle tourism experience. Their business model and online platform attracts, engages, converts and binds bicycle tourists with local destinations. Individuals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations are empowered to offer services directly to potential visitors, and to directly reap the rewards. Integrating with the CycleLifeHQ platform allows destinations to continue to operate and maintain an existing website, while also enjoying the benefits of being featured on a global site. A mobile app is also available via both android and iphone.

Charles Black, CEO of CycleLifeHQ said, “CycleLifeHQ’s core focus is on listing and linking local businesses to rides and bicycle experiences to generate more visitors, who stay longer and spend more. This offers myriad benefits for IMBA members and partners.”

Among those benefits, IMBA’s partnership with CycleLifeHQ will provide IMBA Local organizations and corporate travel partners premium CycleLifeHQ memberships to promote their riding destinations, as well as provide individual IMBA chapter members CycleLifeHQ subscriptions to plan their next mountain bike vacation. These benefits will be rolled out throughout 2019.


About IMBA
The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational association established in 1988. Its mission is to create, enhance and protect great places to ride mountain bikes. Learn more at

About CycleLifeHQ
CycleLifeHQ is a bicycle tourism development company that helps destinations grow their local economy and jobs through sustainable cycle tourism experiences, injecting cash directly back into local destinations, businesses and communities.


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