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Deborah Young

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Meet Deborah, a passionate advocate for trail access and development, working with FATRAC (Folsom Auburn Trail Riders Action Coalition); she takes pride in her role as an advocate for trail access and organizational development. Getting her hands dirty and actively participating in trail-building projects has been an exceptional experience. With a 22-year career as a trainer and nutrition coach in the fitness industry, coupled with a decade of personal mountain biking experience, she effortlessly merges her passion for the sport with her role as an advocate. She believes in fostering a strong sense of community among riders, promoting camaraderie, and raising awareness to garner support. With specialized training programs designed specifically for the demands of mountain biking, she is on a mission to empower and inspire more women to hit the trails. For Deborah, advocacy and training go hand in hand, fueling her dedication to make a lasting impact. 

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Deborah Young

Managing Director, FATRAC