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Marty Caivano

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Marty Caivano riding mountain bike, IMBA Local Programs

Marty started mountain biking in '99, when the usual way to begin riding was to be dragged on a death march by well-meaning friends who left you miles behind with no way to fix a flat. Thankfully, this didn't prevent her from falling in love with the sport (and also becoming a professional mechanic). After a previous stint at IMBA, she worked on the manufacturing side of the industry as well as with local advocacy groups, and now she's back on staff. She's a former photojournalist who uses the noun "flowgnar" like it's an actual word, while at the same time correcting people for saying "irregardless." She loves alpine sunrises, long descents, and fixing broken things to get people back riding. Her stoke level is high, as is her desire to help communities reach their trail development goals.

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Marty Caivano

Local Community Engagement Manager