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Jess Didion

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Whether she's commuting everywhere via fixed gear in cowboy boots or finding the nearest trail to ride her mountain bike, Jess understands how important it is to have that outdoor escape and trails close-by. She's a midwest girl who's lived in small-town Kansas, Chi-Town, Sydney and hopscotches all over Missouri. She grew up crossing off as many places on a map as she could and enjoys being a nomadic gypsy. Before joining IMBA Trail Solutions, she was helping create a trail system in rural Missouri for all the surrounding mountain bikers and adventurers. She has over 10 years of experience helping communities with her graphic design skills and what some may think is a freakish obsession with typography. She now aspires to use that creative energy towards creating future trails for communities. She collects dirt and always has a deck of cards handy. Her van is a home on wheels which is normally driving into the sunset, heading to the nearest mountain bike trails.

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Jess Didion

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