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IMBA Affiliated Chapters and Supporting Organizations

IMBA's hundreds of chapters and clubs form a grassroots network of riders around the world. These organizations build and maintain trails, organize social events, clinics and rides. They also work with local government representatives, land agencies and businesses to improve and protect riding areas.

A local group can affiliate with IMBA as a stand alone club or as an IMBA chapter. Chapters have taken the next step in aligning with IMBA and unifying a world wide mountain biking movement. These organziations are more closely connected to IMBA and have an increased level of support for sustaining the local group's infrastructure including joint membership, e.g., the chapter's members are also automatically members of IMBA.

Find a local chapter or club near you...

Chapter/Group Websitesort icon City, State
Southeast Alabama Mountainbikers Dothan, AL US
Positive Action for the Keppoch Society (PAK) Antigonish, CA
Nantahala Area SORBA Bryson City, NC US
MyChangkul Petaling Jaya, MY
Los Alamos Tuff Riders Los Alamos, NM US
Central Adirondack Mountain Bike Assocation Inlet, NY US
Trips for Kids - FLIPANY Ft. Lauderdale, FL US
SkyPark at Santa's Village Skyforest, CA US
Mountain Top Cycling Club Guffey, CO US
Mankato area Mountain Bikers Mankato, MN US
Limerick Mountain Biking Club Limerick, IE
Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition Bellingham, WA US
Village Dirtbags Lompoc, CA US
Trips for Kids- Full Cycle Providence, RI US
Lower Arkansas Mountain Bicycling Association CANON CITY, CO US
Concerned Long Island Mountain Bicyclists CLIMB Woodbury, NY US
Red Eye Brewing Company Wausau, WI US
Lake City Trailbuilders Association Coeur D Alene, ID US
Falls Area SingleTrack Sioux Falls, SD US
Keweenaw Trekkers Chassell, MI US
Northern Maine Trails Alliance Presque Isle, ME US
Laguna Canyon Riders Laguna Beach, CA US
River City Outdoor Recreation Association Waynesboro, VA US
Arkansas Arts Academy Rogers, AR US