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What would we do without trails?

If you've ever been confronted by a trail sign that reads "NO BIKES" or visited an area where there's simply nowhere to ride then you know why IMBA's work is so vital. We care about trails and the environment by building sustainable trails and training land managers. Our network provides hundreds of thousands of hours of volunteer service and represents the interests of millions of cyclists. Become part of the world's largest mountain biking movement, join or renew online today!

Membership Categories

Individual and Family

Individual Memberships start at just $39 ($20 for Youth U18). When you join IMBA you support not only IMBA's large-scale efforts; you support the critical work of your local chapter as well with our dual membership program. You become part of a 41,000 strong network of men and women riders that support all styles of mountain biking and are stewards of the environment. Members receive free membership kits including a membership card, stickers, and coupons.

Members are also entitled to great benefits from partners via the IMBA Marketplace and additional partners like Subaru of America, plus deals on bike and outdoor gear at

IMBA also offers members great IMBA mountain biking gear in women's and men's designs so you can represent our sport on and off the trail. Order your local IMBA chapter's jersey through the Primal Wear jersey program.

Family Memberships start at $50 and entitle all family members in a household to membership benefits

IMBA sends special thank you gifts to loyal supporters that have maintained continuous membership for 10 years and more. We also give special recognition to our Singletrack Society—members that join and renew at the $1,000 or more level. Thank you.

Supporting Organizations

While IMBA chapters are our local affiliates. The 650 supporting mountain biking clubs, event promoters, race teams, NGO's, non-profits and other organizations also help form a grassroots network of riders of every mountain bike discipline around the world. These groups build and maintain trails and bike parks, organize social events and races, educational clinics and rides. Organizations also work with local government representatives, land managers, community stakeholders and all manner of businesses to improve and protect riding areas.

Align your organization with IMBA's network. IMBA offers many grants, resources, and benefits to help you grow your local group, and memberships start at just $100.

National Mountain Bike Patrol

IMBA's National Mountain Bike Patrol supports more than 60 volunteer bike Patrol Groups and 600 Trail Ambassadors.

NMBP members partner with land managers, landowners, and emergency personnel, to assist, educate and inform all trail users in order to enhance their recreational experience.

Patrollers and Ambassadors earn additional NMBP benefits, along with all standard IMBA membership benefits.

Learn more about certification and join the NMBP or renew online.


Joining IMBA is one of the best things you can do to strengthen your market presence by linking with IMBA's community of more than 80,000 mountain bikers of every type—cross-country, dirt jumpers, gravity riders—IMBA covers the full spectrum of dirt riding.

Retailer Memberships start at just $100. Get started and join or renew online or contact IMBA's membership services at 303-545-9011 or membership [at] imba [dot] com.


Joining IMBA as a Corporate Member is one of the best things your business can do to connect with an active lifestyle community of over 80,000 mountain biking enthusiasts. Through membership, your organization becomes part of an international coalition organized to improve conditions and expand opportunities for mountain bicyclists. IMBA's network includes:

  • More than 150 Chapters and 600 supporting mountain bike organizations and National Mountain Bike Patrols, in all 50 US states
  • 80,000 members and supporters
  • 200 member companies and over 600 retail partners
  • Extensive educational, advocacy, trail building and volunteer programs
  • IMBA affiliates in Canada, Europe, and Australia

Your support is tax-deductible. IMBA is a registered non-profit organization with 501c3 tax status. Learn more online or contact development [at] imba [dot] com (Development) at 303-545-9011.