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IMBA Local Partners are member-based mountain bike organizations that support your close-to-home trails.

As mountain bikers we know that good quality trails don’t magically appear. Trails happen because our IMBA Local Partners, dedicated members and volunteers, make them happen.


For 30 years the Tarheel Trailblazers has worked to bring mountain biking to the greater Charlotte region. We built and maintain close to 200 miles of trails and are focused on continually improving and expanding the biking experiences in the area. 

Your membership contributes directly to maintenance and development of new trail, and strengthens our advocacy efforts. Join us for a monthly meeting, social ride, or workday. Information on events can be found on (new site coming very soon!) or on our Facebook page.

Thank you for your support, and see you on the trails!

Lake Norman State Park

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I work at IMBA because of the amazing people in and out of the office. I get to talk about mountain biking with mountain bikers all day long and help further the mission of having great places to ride mountain bikes. 

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