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IMBA Local member organizations are member-based groups focused on trails, access, rides and social events on close-to-home trails. IMBA works with IMBA Local partners to support and enhance trail building, advocacy and organizational efforts.

IMBA’s vision is to build the quality and quantity of mountain biking communities by supporting and empowering local leadership. We want to help communities build a base of knowledgeable and capable advocates and stewards.

How can you help? Support your nearest chapter, or more than one if you like – individuals can have up to 10 chapter memberships. It's an easy and rewarding way to support the team that knows your local trails.

South Alabama Mountain Bike Association (SAMBA-SORBA)

Group Rides at Chickasabogue

We are very excited you have decided to take the invite and join us as we continue our quest to make the Alabama and Mississippi Gulf Coast a mountain bike destination. We also invite you to become active within the organization and join us on trail workdays as well as group rides! 


We have been working very hard to get the South Trails (located at the University of South Alabama) cleaned and new signage in place. We hope you have noticed some of the progress. (~8.5 miles of singletrack) 


Chickasabogue Park Trails have also been one of our priorities. Volunteers and SAMMBA Board members have spent countless hours cleaning up the trials and making the riding experience one of the best in the area!! (~13.5 miles of singletrack)


Blakeley State Park Trails have grown at the hands of some fantastic volunteers and they have some very exciting plans for future developments. (~18 miles of singletrack and double track) 



By joining you are now a part of something special. We are doing this as  MTB (cycling) enthusiasts as well, and want to create an experience where you and your family can make memories for years to come!!