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Mountain biking has evolved so much since the early days. We’ll never forget our first trail ride. Maybe yours looked a little like this too: simply a bike and helmet, wearing sneakers, jeans and a flannel or t-shirt. Great memories! How far this amazing activity has come! Maybe you’ve just recently started pedaling and these are your early days. Either way, there's a common thread. Trails need you to thrive and progress! When you join your IMBA Local group, it helps them advocate for you and steward your close-to-home trails.


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  • Free digital subscription to Mountain Bike Action magazine. 
  • A discount on a new Subaru via our VIP program. Click here for complete details.
  • Discounts on over 100 brands of bike and outdoor gear through Login details are on your Membership dashboard. 
  • 15% discount on Water-to-Go bottles. Login details are on your Membership dashboard.
  • Spot injury insurance for mountain bikers: IMBA members and registered family members get Spot for just $69.99 for an entire year.

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I work at IMBA because of the amazing people in and out of the office. I get to talk about mountain biking with mountain bikers all day long and help further the mission of having great places to ride mountain bikes. 

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