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Trails are where we spend time with our people, find our flow, and keep our skills sharp. Riding opportunities are growing in more places and for all skill levels, at a pace that’s unprecedented. Riders and trail champions have been pulling together, and we’ve proven we can get amazing things done when we collaborate! 

One way to keep that momentum going is to join or renew with your IMBA Local Member Organization – they know your local riding scene, what the community needs and who to assemble to make it happen. 

If you want to help support more great local riding, one way you can help right now is to join your nearest IMBA Org, or more than one if you want. Since IMBA introduced the multi-membership option, some folks are joining other riding communities in addition to boosting their close to home trails. 

SORBA Tri-Cities

SORBA Tri-Cities' mission is to create, protect and enhance great mountain bike experiences in the Tri-Cities region. To fulfill this mission, SORBA Tri-Cities works towards three major goals:


Create a Community of Mountain Bikers: Part of creating sustainable trails is ensuring that there will always be a community around to care for and advocate for those trails. This isn't possible without a community of mountain bikers who understand and support our mission. We build that community around a shared love of trails, then back it up with fun social events and group rides.


Advocate for Trail Access: We have made great strides toward achieving better trails for the region and have numerous advocacy successes, but there's always more to do and we need your help to do it. 


Build and Maintain Trails: Our goal isn't to create as many trails as possible. Instead, our aim is to create quality trails that are both fun and sustainable, trails that will pass on our love of singletrack to future generations. We have developed a small army of crew leaders trained in sustainable trail building design and maintenance, and every year provide numerous opportunities for the community to give back to the trails we love to ride, donating thousands of volunteer hours to the trails in the region.


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