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IMBA Small Grant Program Application

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Complete this form to apply for IMBA's Fox, CLIF Bar or Osprey grants.  These grants are limited to applicants from the USA with 501(c)3 non-profit status, and applicants must hold either chapter or current supporting organization status with IMBA. You must provide all required materials to submit the form.
One organization may apply for multiple grant types.

Please note each grant has different and specific goals. Project selection and awards will be based on alignment with the grant goals as well as quality of the proposal and project.

Grant applications MUST Include:

  • A brief, 200 word typed description of the proposed project that demonstrates how funds will be productively used to preserve and enhance trail access, promote environmental education or inspire conservation in your community.
  • A budget outline to show how all funding will be used.
  • Organization Name (Applications for IMBA Small Grants must be from current members or chapters of IMBA; applicants must include membership numbers).
  • Digital copy of a completed W-9 tax form (grant winners will be required to submit a completed W-9 tax form).
  • Contact Name.
  • Contact Address.
  • Contact Phone.
  • Contact Email and Club Website.
  • Copy of the organization's IRS determination letter showing 501(c)3 status.
  • Chapters and Organizations should have a page set up on IMBA's Teaming For Trails area of

Most IMBA small grants deadline is May 15th.  IMBA will announce winners in June.