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Trail Solutions

Educate. Plan. Design. Build.

IMBA Trail Solutions is the international leader in singletrack development. Our wealth of expertise has allowed us to develop the current guidelines for the creation of sustainable, enjoyable trails and bike parks that have influenced land management agencies around the world and are frequently adopted as best practices. 

Experts. Leaders.

IMBA Trail Solutions has experience on more than 400 trail projects worldwide. Our staff excels at planning, design, construction, and management of trail systems that provide high-quality, sustainable experiences while simultaneously minimizing maintenance needs and environmental impacts. We pride ourselves on the positive experiences we have provided to millions of active trail users. Whether you want a family-friendly flow trail, a bike park with jump lines or an expert-only adventure full of gnarly rock features, we can design it, build it, advocate for it and teach you how to do it. 

What we do

IMBA Trail Solutions doesn't just move dirt and rocks. We are masters of the entire process. From start to finish, we can help you secure support and funding for a project, plan and design exactly what you want, and build or oversee the construction of your dream trail system or bike park.


The foundation of a successful trail or system of trails is a high level of knowledge regarding sustainable design, construction, and maintenance. Trail Solutions provides trail training seminars and workshops covering topics ranging from economic/social development benefits of trails, sustainable trail theory, volunteer management, crew leader training, assessment and critical maintenance techniques.


Most trails and trail systems have developed socially. Beyond getting from here to there, little thought was given to the potential long-term effects of the chosen route or the experience provided along the way. Trail Solutions provides guidance on retrofitting haphazardly developed trail systems into networks that efficiently disperse trail users, provide the experience users are seeking, and do so with minimal long-term environmental impact.


Trail Solutions believes that the success of a trail is highly dependent on both the environmental and social sustainability of the trail. A well-designed trail should cause minimal damage to the surrounding landscape and require minimal maintenance over time. That same trail should also provide the user the experience they are seeking. Melding these design parameters is a great challenge. Whether that challenge means designing a shared-use trail that minimizes potential user conflicts or a low-impact, technical downhill mountain biking trail, Trail Solutions is up to the task.


The Trail Solutions staff takes great pride in staying on the cutting edge of innovative trail construction strategies. We can provide turn-key construction via a mechanized machine crew, tackle a project from a hybrid contracting standpoint by training and utilizing volunteer crews, or work cooperatively with other professional trailbuilders. Trail Solutions is flexible and seeks to put the best trail product on the ground within the construction timeframe that is available.

Trail Solutions projects

See where we're planning, designing and building great places to ride mountain bikes and explore featured past projects. 

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Featured news and projects

Trail Solutions has been hard at work since 2001. See what we can do!

What we needed most was a vision for our trail system and Joey Klein [of Trail Solutions] definitely delivered! I also appreciate the way Joey effectively communicated with the Army Corps of Engineers and our trail volunteers. I can’t thank Joey enough for his attention to detail and hard work.

Jerry Yockey

Shelbyville, Illinois

Ridgeline rock feature on Dakota Ridge
Project Building and Implementation 01.07.18
Dakota Ridge Black-Diamond Extension
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A rider samples the berms
Project Building and Implementation 01.16.18
Tannery Knobs Skills Park
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Project Trail and User Management 12.14.17
Guidelines for a Quality Trail Experience
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Blog 11.24.15
Letter From a Land Manager
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Blog Trails 12.02.14
Capturing the Mountain Bike Trail Experience
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Meet the team

Trail Solutions employs a large and diverse staff of professionals based all over the U.S.

“Mountain biking is a major part of my life. It allows me the opportunity to be creative in nature, provides me with many different adventures and friendships, and has given me a career I can be passionate about.”

Meet our team
Josh Olson

Director of Construction and Operations


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